At Aquarius 11°, ruled by that sign in a twelve-fold sequence, we come to the following Sabian symbol: During A Silent Hour A Man Receives A New Inspiration Which May Change His Life. The receipt of “new inspiration” is the exact kind of revelation that is associated with Aquarius, bent on ushering in a new personal age. We will have (hopefully) successfully come to terms with the gap between our former (popular) incarnation and any kind of slump or downslide we perceived ourself in—that slide should have taken us down into the inner life of our selfhood from whence we might derive said inspiration—the so-called “silent hour.” And it works the other way too, we might not receive inspiration unless we take the time out, detaching from our experience.

The previous image might have suggested a dark night of the soul where we might have lamented and, indeed, needed to grieve the past to come to terms with where we are in the present. Dane Rudhyar says that “what is implied here is the essential value of keeping open to the descent of spiritual or Soul forces, especially when a new period of individual activity is about to begin.” This is a perfect iteration of what those descending goddesses of the Aquarian experience—Eos, Iris, Hebe—or their literate counterparts, Tennessee Williams’ Stella, Dickens’ Estelle (though ironically in this case) provide. And we see Aquarian women playing this role in life, even as talk show hosts like Ellen and Oprah arguably providing upliftment. One might make the case that Eos, Iris and Hebe were on some level seeking attention from mortals that they didn’t quite receive from their divine superior on Olympus. That they were going where the love is.

But let us circle back to the inspiration. Those goddesses might represent divine intervention but of an internal nature. Indeed creative power and inspiration comes from within. And we will come up short of we depend mainly on outer circumstances and sources and, especially on what was traditionally outwardly inspiring (whether in our personal experience or on a societal, collectedly formulated, level), as such well-springs naturally run dry. Our inner power is nonetheless transcendent. And we can’t tap it as much as we must allow it to flow into our brain consciousness. To do that we need a transition, a period of stepping away, so that we can be open to receive. We are being reborn in a new direction, the result of the water that the Waterbearer is bearing.

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