On A Vast Staircase Stand People Of Different Types, Graduated Upwards is the symbol at Aquarius 12° ruled by Pisces in a twelve-fold sequence. The staircase is likely a spiral one, the upward path of the zodiac itself. The zodiac, spiraling through time, is like a double-helix strand of spiritual DNA. Just as DNA shows physical evolution, had via (Aquarian-ruled) mutations, the Zodiac is a portrayal of how we are spiritual evolving We are all of us on the same path, but we will be found at different points along it. Pisces, is the sign of compassion (which the diversity of Aquarius has given rise to, just as John the Baptist, Waterbearer, paves the way for the Jesus Fish of Pisces). In recognizing our diversity it can breed compassion; and we must especially have compassion for lesser evolved beings whom, in a moment of weakness, we might be temped to lable brutes.

We are all at different points of development.

The egalatarianism of Aquarius must be tempered by the Pisces notion that heirarchy of levels is a fact of nature. And, as far as we humans go, it is important to know on which step of the stair we stand. One way or another. We might consider that some of us fancy ourselves more evolved than we actually are; while others squander their gifts and pollute themselves and bring themselves down. Either way we are not honoring our divine place in the heirarchy. The rainbow of Aquarius, Salome’s dance of seven veils, are all invitations to ascend, ascend, ascend. And we can do so. But, still, it is important to know where we are.

(I suddenly flash to a dream I had last night where I climbed thousands of tiny stairs to reach a great height; but when it came to to descend vertigo got the better of me and I couldn’t go down. It was very similar to climing a ladder to a great height which is far easier, looking up, than it is to then swing one’s body back over that same ladder for the descent. Not sure what that means but I’m sure some analyst out there will tell me.)

We should indeed look up for inspiration and shining (stars) examples to emulate; but at the same time we might help human beings below us to likewise rise up and reach a next level. The ones who will slip and slide and trip, stumble and fall are those who take access pride in the heights to which they’ve ascended and do no reaching out behind them. This is the give-and-take of spiritual evolution, symbolized by the opposite facing fish of Pisces, one pointing up and one pointing down, like a double-mudra, one hand facing up and one down. Beside our spiritual evolution, individual and collective, and the “progression of the biological species”, we are also speaking on a socio-cultural level of evolution here as well.

Yes we might experience revelation that points us in a direction, but even (especially!) that revelation is fleeting. We might have had a momentary rise in our conscious experience, but when we “come down” from that epiphany, we realize that we must go through our paces, reaching higher and higher consiousness, step by step. We get that glimpse which is incredibly inspiring, but then the real work begins. Of course the Zodiac itself is an outlining of a system of that never ending rising in conscious evolution. It is in fact “the original twelve-step program.” The Zodiac embodies the natural progression of states of consciousness which, taken together, might add up to a sustainable state of what I like to call practical enlightenment.

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