baby-groundhog-368x300A Barometer.

Yeah that’s all we have to go on for Aquarius 13°, ruled by Aries in a twelve fold sequence. What does a barometer do? Well it gauges the climate, which we can speak of metaphorically. And helps us to plan in advance with actions and activities. Since, in the previous symbols, we have become newly inspired in a fresh direction and took inventory of where we were on the escalator of evolution, both personally, biologically and in terms of our social context—knowing where we stand—I suppose it follows that we should get a read on the external climate to see how to best approach this new direction.

Astrology is itself a barometer, as it let’s us know the changes in cosmic energies just as that instrument of weather allows us to predict what will happen based on changed in air temperature. We’ve seen the problem of having expectations projected out onto our experience or onto other people. Here, instead, we are taking the temperature. We are seeing whether their is any demand for what it is we are thinking to supply with our new directionality.

How fitting this is considering its Groundhog day! The clairvoyant who divined these symbols didn’t know what day they were being assigned to as the date was written on the back of a blank card being held up to her and, to boot, she was blind (as many great seers are). Thus we see that the groundhog is the barometer. And we might personify that instrumentation ourselves. We need to be sensitive to our enviroment, to be sure that it serves our goals; just as we need to know our audience. Glad to say our furry friend this year did not see his shadow. Anyway, it already feels like Spring.

Short and sweet today.

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