At Aquarius 14° we board A Train Entering A Tunnel which symbolizes the ability to short-cut the process of natural evolution by the exercise of will, mental skill and physical self-discipline. If one is inspire by a vision of what is possible to achieve (see the oracle from three days ago) and then organizes the steps necessary (see the oracle of two days ago) to take toward the successful fulfillment of the vision and then find just the right time and climate for beginning the new work (yesterday’s oracle), one can speed the trip of their evolutionary process. I’m almost directly paraphrasing from Dane Rudhyar who says this evolution can happen on either the psychobiological level (that of yoga and other simiar disciplines) or at the social level at which civilization proceeds.

This symbol is ruled by Taurus in a twelve-fold sequence and that sign is packed with super-achievers with tunnel vision—the shadow side of which can be myopia. Indeed, tunnels do fast-track us to our destination, sometimes by any means possible. Not to judge but sometimes certain people will do anything (and step on anyone) to fast-track their desires; whilst this can also send us into a dark place akin to a rabbit hole or labyrinth of their own making. Let’s not forget the myth of the bull/man Minotaur, who lived in the center of a labyrinth, in effect, a prison of his own desires.

Still the positive aspect of this oracle should be accentuated. When you have all the right elements in place, as suggested above, than you might speed through a wormhole, transporting through, and transcending time and space, toward whatever might be so singular a goal that you have blinders on to all other distractions.

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