Two Lovebirds Sitting On A Fence And Singing Happily couldn’t fall more aptly under any sign other than that of Gemini which rules this Aquarius 15° symbol in a twelve-fold sequence. Gemini is steeped in bird and flight imagery, ruled by Mercury named for the winged god, and the sign governs courtship, rituals of which are a particularly birdy biz. The duality of Gemini is not only expressed in the pair of birds but also in the fence which is separating one field (of experience) from another. The birds might very well signify the mortal and divine, just as the twins of the Gemini, Castor and Pollux were immortal and divine, respectively.

Indeed what could be more fulfilling than to have our terrestrial actions marry perfectly with our spiritual aims or, moreover, spiritual blessing—for our earthly conduct to be in accord with divine mind or soul. And it works the other way as well, perhaps: The spiritually fulfilled soul mightn’t be able to take anything but right action in this world. The point being that we are living in harmony (singing) with ourselves, whatever dualities and dichotomies working in accord, the opposite of inner conflict being inner concert, pun so very much intended. This, my friends, is bliss. In the previous oracle we followed it through a tunnel that speeded us through a mountain of obstacles, now we have achieved a sense of it. The proverbial we is sitting on a fence, poised between two gardens of our own being, perched on the happy middle way.

Following that bliss, we get to blessed These are love birds. And the love is of a higher (winged) spiritual kind. What we have here is supreme blessing or beatitude. Inner happiness is the reward for having made a valuable contribution to the world and mankind.

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