With this following symbol scholar of all things Sabian, Dane Rudhyar puts forth the concept of “organation” as opposed to “organization.” That, here in the sign of egalitarian Aquarius, at 16° A Big Businessman At His Desk suggest the ability to organize the many aspects of an enterprise invlving a large group of human beings in a new(-age) way. For, on the surface, this is an image of the single, probably white, individual scion of the patriarchy making unilateral decisions that affect the masses. The evolved notion is that this same figure might be making a merger, mobilizing troops or sending a mission to Mars in a way that doesn’t profit the few, but the many. How this could be a Cancer ruled image (in a rolling twelve-fold sequence): is in the viewing of humanity as a single organism, thus the wholistic organing, not the mere organization, theme, here. And not just mankind as a separate organ, but one that is working in concert with the myraid other flora and fauna and mineral organs on earth to make a single earthly organism or, why not go further, a single universal organism.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, the Mother Principle, sees all of creation, earthy or cosmic, as female. The man at the desk in this symbol thus strikes me as the animus of all feminine being, the masculine purpose-driven dot of yang within this yin universe, the mind of the Mother. That big daddy at his desk isn’t out for domination in this model; rather he is seeking to use the power of the collective in a way that is harmonious to the welfare of the whole of which we are parts. Considering this has never been achieved, as Rudhyar points out, and rarely attempted, this mode of operation still mainly resides in our future visions of a world that has evolved out of human ego and greed and all that goes with it. Aquarius is all about evolution and here we see the specific development of the understanding that the only true beneficial moves to be made are those which positively impact everybody and everything. The old model of the man at his desk calling the shots and making personal gain to the detriment and dearth of others will have shown that, in the end, he doesn’t benefit either. Such systems based on greed will be dismantled or overthrown. It is only a matter of Time.

We might have to nearly destroy ourselves via revolution to get down to the level of the few “seed-people” who will be part of a new order, doing things in this wholistic manner. Still we shall draw on existing models of management and systems analysis even as we move forward in our evolution. In simple terms, the greedy maneuvers and mercenary moves of the past can still be mined for their strengths in our future endeavors of full-humanity benefit. The lovebirds of the previous image signaled that we could come to a place where our lower-case and upper-case Selves could work in concert, not conflict—once we get to that place we must no longer go back into division. One would think that those who act from ego-selfishness would indeed feel divided or torn; words that describe being other ripped back in two. Sadly, some people don’t seem to own a conscience that could be in conflict. (Like so many Republicans.) There are few things scarier to me than that thought.

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