Pisces 28° (March 19)

Leftover cucumber, tomato and feta salad. Bumped into someone West End who seemed to know me and I pretended to know them. Not unusual in this town. I will end up tonight having dinner at Jimmy’s (spring rolls and salmon) and I’m seated near Siobhan and her friend Gene, who runs and lives at the Vorse house. Siobhan gives us a lift back as it is around the corner, basically, and I get a bit of a tour. Everything goes smoothly until it doesn’t. I am a bit taken aback when I realize he’s not actually in charge as he seems to pretend to be, but never mind. 

I wrote the seminal astrology book—Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes (HarperCollins 2004)—under the shared byline, Starsky + Cox, with my life and creative partner, who played in-house editor in the process. The premise of the book was that men and women of the same sign were actually, often radically, different from each other, and that there were indeed twenty-four, not twelve, distinct star signs divided along binary lines. Sex in the title referred primarily to gender, “the sexes,” and to sexuality, secondarily, which could be viewed through an astrological lens as readily as any other aspect of an individual’s being. Sextrology was considered groundbreaking as it was the first major astrology book to explore straight, gay and bi sexuality of all the signs as an organic extension of their characters, which, in my astrological philosophy, are steeped in various archetypes that draw upon specific symbols and associative myths and metaphors inherent in each of the individual signs. These archetypes then echo through fairy tale, literature, art, film and television, comics and other media. Feeding readers serious mythic and metaphysical medicine, including some bitter truths about the challenges their signs presented, went down far more smoothly with heaping spoonfuls of pop-culture references, heavy doses of humor and bold dashes of erotica, a gumbo of elements that came to define my brand of content, while the seamless and seemingly effortless mixing of these myriad elements, some might say, characterize my signature writing style. 

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