The keynote of Capricorn 23° is recompense. A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat would be ruled by Leo in a twelve-fold sequence. Again, unsurprisingly that makes sense: Leo is the sign of the divine right of all we kings and queens. Such notions as trial by combat, or rather the Arthurian one that saw might is right morph into might for right is central to the sign. A good king uses his divine right to benefit his subjects, just as the Capricorn tenant sees us using our sway and authority for the uplifting of all. With this image we don’t know if the soldier indeed won. The fact that he has received two medals might indicate a medal for some achievement and one for having taken some blows. The point is that the soldier and society are in a give and take relationship. We are all soldiers and we are all in this relationship. What is our right, and divinely so, is compensation for that which we have given.

Whether we succeed or fail at our endeavors, we are entitled to the respect and admiration of the collective. Yoda was wrong. Trying is valid. The attempt is what it’s all about. The results should have no bearing on the validation that we receive from others. I a world where everyone is seeking constant validation, a sickness that has been spread by social media, we no longer value the attempt. We are focused on the result. Oh, you’re being pictured with a celebrity…score!…you get three-hundred Hearts. Oh, you got a Tony nomination, that equals 776 Likes. Oh you didn’t win? Oh well, better luck next time, you still get 82 Likes. You won? You should get your own Page, you needn’t associate with we the hoi poloi anymore. Where are the celebrities of cancer or AIDS curing. Where are the Instagram mavens of alternative energy. No. These people don’t warrant as much respect and admiration as your new pink hair color or portable puppy you just rescured. You’re amazing.


In the perfectly balanced cosmic world in which these symbols live, you get a medal for even attempting to do something valuable for society. You don’t get a medal because you crowd sourced to afford a new chest to pin it on. That’s not really how it works. And this whole emperor’s new clothes society in which we now find ourself living is all going to come tumbling down to the soundtrack of Taylor Swift’s 1989 or the latest immediate cover of Adele’s Hello. Hello, indeed. Hello, there are other people than just a handful of thirty celebrities doing stuff in the world. Even I who live in a supposedly skeptical society of independent artists have found said society exactly parroting that of the red-carpet society who practice their smiles in the mirror and have a team to dress, tailor, groom and polish them. Is that really what you’re aiming for? Celebrity. Well that’s all take, my friend and no give.

You need to have been in the trenches in my mind. You need to have a few battle scars. You must have had a cause more connective and sweeping and inclusive than your own adoration propelling you to get yourself a medal from this jaded Q-bag. I’m not handing out any medals because you’ve sprayed your hair to look like Stanley Tucci’s in The Hunger Games. It’s not happening. Give to society and do so without thought of reward. I see right through all you marionettes going through the motions of caring for some cause when all you really want is the pat on the back for retweeting a post. You’re not fooling anybody. You are not my heroes. You don’t know who my heroes are. Hell you don’t even know who your heros are until it suddenly dawns on you that it might be popular on any given day to say your hero is a Warhol Factory alum or recently deceased rockstar. You aren’t a hero by association, meanwhile. And ammassing followers is not an accomplishment. It’s a disease. But this is the hinge of the sign of Leo:

Are you a benign leader who gives back and thus deserves the receipt of our love and admiration or are you a tyrannical mess in a dress-code, a two dimensional cut-out with a plastic smile sitting idly by your computer or staring into your phone waiting for the next tiny shred of worship. If the world is hinged on recompense, than bitch you owe the world something.

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