Aquarius 2° (January 23)


It is actually a few days beyond this date. I had written Blagues for these days but the original one of this file (word doc where I write these) plus another I had open completely disappeared from my desktop and they are not in the trash either. The files were open but had been previously named and saved and they are now nowhere to be found. It is such a massive bummer. Thankfully I had posted most of what I had already written, but for a day or two. The real loss, actually, are all the notes I had written to myself that I placed in that file. Oh well, I have to let this go and just keep writing. I have so much on my mind and so much to do now that I cannot let this set back, well, set me back.It was actually pretty quiet this morning and we were able to sleep in a bit. Neither of us feel like eating and we are meeting the journalist downstairs at eleven; so I decide, given the day ahead, that I will spend the morning packing and I nearly completely accomplish that feat. We then head down to speak with Elle, who freelances for the Guardian, but is wanting to write about us for a home magazine in her native New Zealand. Thus the focus on The Luminaries. She is a very pretty English rose type with a very sharp mind, if not a tendency to do all the talking, I strike this up to her being on the cusp of Aries, while she mainly reads as a Pisces. Actually she reads more like a Cancer, which is her rising sign. We cover some interesting subjects like:

Well, we met with journalist on interesting points like why astrology is becoming such a bit thing. I made th point that narcissism is part of it and how that is bi directional. Are the new generations more naturally narcissistic or had social media made them that way or both. Because astrology, being about the cult of self, would be fueled by that. S. put it out there that the ridalin generation which makes one hyper focused and obsessive might explain why there is a surge in the theory and practice. The more we think about what happened with Harper, the crazier it becomes. I will need Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to focus solely on what is required for the text copy. I am feeling on this day how much I want this television show thing to happen. Still I’m trying not to get my hopes to high up. The conversation in any case was very smart and on the level which we enjoy. How we are the fairy godparents of astrology et al. The interview was two hours, that is to say an hour too long. I was getting edgy to say the least. But don’t get me wrong, ellewas supercool, funny, kind and obviously a good journalist. Still I am antsy We leave her and head right out to Mary’s for a vegetarian lunch. I had a St. Germain stew of celeriac and leek and potatoes, maybe, with even more (fried stick style) potatoes atop. S had a tomato based curry something which looked and smelled a lot like what P. made last night. This is the first time that I feel old in Paris. Where am I writing this? I am sitting somewhere but I don’t know where, writing this down. Where could I be?  After lunch I took a quick swim but it was giving me indigestion. Soon, we dropped groceries at A’s studio then hopped the train at Bethnal Green, with a change at Liverpool Street, for Paddington. Beer is causing me inflammation. We exited the station and hunted for the Hilton. We will later learn, on the return, that the hotel is actually attached to the giant station on the other end. But we walked in a giant circle to get there to find Jackie and Eve already ensconced.

The minutes from that meeting as best as I can remember are: Jackie talks about our brand and book, which she has brought with her. She talks about our jewelry collection to be. We talk about whether it would be a collaboration with LLB or not. We are talking wallpaper and other products. Jackie brings back notion we discussed in Scotland which is hinged on doing product by element instead of by sign, so there are four things not twelve. We talk about Fornicetti. I mention other related areas that aren’t astrology per se. I talk about crystals and palms and tarot and botanicals. I explain how that in the U.S. these kinds of products like tarot cards are hugely popular in their own right. We speak of beach towels. I mention the collaboration with Tim. I mention stationery products. (There is no money in it apparently.) I guess Eve’s sign (and that her of her boyfriend) on the first go. Then Eve seems to perk up herself and thinks that maybe we collaborate with LLBs as a one off, but that the brand should really be about us. She will write in coming days that she read her chapter of our book—Jackie lent it to her so should would have a better idea of our world of thought. She will write to say she thinks there is definitely something in this. I need to monetize like mad this year. Saying yes to all projects big and small, hand over fist.

Dinner with Alice and S. which was mainly hinged on Astro-Scapes. It would go something like this. We had a designated meeting with Alice in regards to the Astro-Scapes jewelry. The consensus is we should go for it. We would put up the initial money for the creation of the collection. The collection would be silver. Alice and her team would take the logo designs and render them as jewelry pieces that would be affixed on chain. The model would be wholesale (unlike the way we are currently doing tees on a retail model); so the price at your shop would be exactly what it would be at, say, Nordstrum or Anthropology—we’d get double mark-up from what sells in your store or on our websites! We would split with you fifty-fifty less 6% each to Alice who will take a total 12% for creating the collection and overseeing the production et al. The production will likely happen in Turkey and once we have more info we can figure out the wheres and hows of shipping etc. What will also need doing is (as discussed) we will create a new, single document agreement between Wheel Atelier Inc. and Tim-Scapes that will encompass all of the Astro-Scapes product line (tees and other would-beproducts on one hand and jewelry on the other), using the existing document your guy created, and creating new language for jewelry (which may ultimately include more styles); and then we can give a draft of the new document to Marilyn to clean up. That would be the basic plan!


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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