A Deserter From the Navy is the Aquarius 3° symbol. We are detaching, removing ourselves, going AWOL, whatever you call it. We are simply not going to tow the line. Aquarius is the rebel, with a cause, typically. This oracles expresses the fact that a collective status, tribe, institution has become unbearable and it doesn’t fit our process of individuation. This is the kind of Aquarian symbol associated with dropping out and letting your freak flag fly, burning your draft card, and turning on to other things more groovy, potentially. But first we have to break away, break out, break with tradition and cut ourselves a break. The institution might think we’ve had a break with reality, which we have; outmoded conventional reality. Talk about updating your status!


We refuse to accept what society has planned for us. We aren’t taking orders, we aren’t going to be at sea. Fuck that shit. Yes the water symbolizes a collective unconscious, but we don’t even want any part of that, sister or mister or whoever you are. We are going our own way by ourselves and you can’t stop us. So what if you label me an outcast. Fantastic. Who needs you? I’d rather be off the grid than spend another minute in service to some mob mentality who wants to use me as a pawn in their wars waged by those secret societies I done heard of. No way. Right On. I’m getting groovy. I don’t want your respectable social status; I’m not laying down my life for nobody but me. I’m not swabbing your deck, what do I look like? Balai Hai may call you but it’s not calling me not no how. I am individuizing my own consciousness, I don’t need your collective, mass fraud bullshit. You know how hot it is down below? That’s for patsies. You can’t sell me that Gene Kelly anchor’s away crap. And I predate the Village People so I wouldn’t know about that. Besides I’m not a queer. Well maybe I am but that’s beside the point. I want to be queer in my way, not in some white bell-bottomed sailor suit. I’m going to join a commune. No wait that would be the same thing. I’m going to just stick my thumb out and blow this clambake.

This symbol is ruled by Gemini in a twelve-fold sequence, whatever that means. It’s just something that keeps getting said, day after day. Well yeah, I do see things dually, I am at a crossroads, a crisis; and I’m bucking the system, just like those other Gemini archetypes like, oh I dunno, Robin Hood or Jack Sparrow or Peter Pan. I’m not going to be kept down or on the clock. And I’m not walking any planks. I will swashbuck my way out of this two-bit existence. The social value is being destroyed. And it’s not the destruction by thunderstorm; the storms are raging inside me and I am breaking the bonds of and patterns and brainwashing. I gotta find myself. So me out.

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