At 2° Aquarius we are hit by An Unexpected Thunderstorm. Aquarius is ruled by planet Uranus and governs the eleventh astrological house—Uranus is a sudden, sweeping, revolutionary energy and “the unexpected” is always something we look out for with that planet. The eleventh house is that of revelation, revolution and evolution which, though it might be slow, is caused by sudden, unexpected mutation. Yesterday we saw an Adobe Mission which, made of mud, might potentially washed away by a flash thunderstorm. Revelation, as we know, happens in a flash. Enormous changes at the last minute are what we have here—expecting the unexpected. So we must be prepared. We see this in relation to the archetype of the Water Bearer John the Baptist whose message was what? Prepare yourself for the coming of the Lord, i.e. a completely new order, a revolution. I think of the title of the movie about Churchill and the beginnings of WWII: The Gathering Storm.


The need to develop the inner security which will enable us to meet unexpected crises is the keynote of this symbol, ruled by Taurus in a twelve-fold sequence. Looking back to 2° Taurus, we had An Electrical Storm. With Taurus we are always looking at potentiality, the building of energy readying for release. Sometimes it takes the form of temptation, sometime it’s latent talent ready to emerge, and sometimes its a charge, like that of the Bull, who might watch and wait to be incited into a sudden burst of blind rage. It works in a positive manner as well. Security too, is a Taurus notion. What might be building, along with the dangerous thunderstorm, is our ability to respond (also Taurus word) and weather it. But whereas Taurus energy is personalized, Aquarian energy is universalized. So we are here, more specifically, concerned with the individual’s preparedness within a social or collective sphere. Rain water will pour down. The thunder clouds are thus, themselves water bearers. If our life is one of metaphorical drought, an arid environment, socially or spiritually, then the storm might be a very good thing, so long as we are prepared to catch and channel what might be a sudden, saving grace. How do we catch and channel such manna? With open hearts. If we are closed to the sudden burst of would-be beneficial change than it can have devestating effects: it will simply wipe out the structures we have in place to not just protect ourselves but prevent us from receiving what might be said grace, truth, salvation or simply change.

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