Is it me or has this Blague gone to the birds?…and butterflies and falling leaves. Libra is the cardinal air sign so it would be little wonder that all the images are airborne, except when we remember they were divined randomly, out of order. It’s pretty cool. At Libra 26° we discover An Eagle And A Large White Dove Change Into Each Other. Here we see the Love principle interacting with the Spiritual Will. Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, named for the goddess of Love, whose totem is a dove. The eagle is the totem of the chief god, the crowning representative of spirit. This oracle is ruled by Taurus in a twelve-fold sequence—Venus rules Taurus on the earthly plane and Libra on the astral.


The yang and yin of the primal male and female energies herein mix because we have moved beyond this greatest duality of Will and Love, represented as male and female, seeing them combine, both within our selves and in our actual relationships with others. The spiritual marriage of the will within us and our transcendent capcity for love constitutes a great adeptness, one of the highest order. This is major enlightment energy, surely of the Gandhi level but probably even of the Gandalf variety. When our will becomes love and our love becomes will we have transcnded the limits of physical reality, time and space. At this level of consciousness anything is possible. We can move mountains, we can heal the sick, we can walk on water, we can do anything in the will-love state.

As in a lucid dream, we are in the ultimate flow state, but if we try to impose our will for selfish purposes or gain the dream dissolves. It’s the same in our waking life at this highest level of consciousness—Libra represents the height of conscious being—where we might perceive ourselves, and indeed everything, as pure light. The reality is that’s what we are. If you break us, and all life and matter (for that matter) down to it’s most essential, divisible by smaller and smaller particles, what are we? We are energy and we are light like the stars from which we are born. When we can have our will and our love merge into one by removing the obstacles to this fusion (most readily through the energy of forgiveness—of ourselves and others and society and the world—surrendering the entirety of our will to the purpose and power of love, all moves through us; we are the agents of this Libran pale pink light of love.

Being an adept thus requires no teacher, no guru, only that inner oracular guidance system that is most poignantly associated, via archetype, with the sign of Libra which we will in a matter of days leave. Being a Libra it is a special sign for me and I must say that via this Blague and meditation on these symbols I have learned a lot about my own particular sun sign. It is not just the abstract, conceptual, artful energy of the zodiac it is the animating force, the light, that powers all love. And its rule by Venus sees the love as light that can be directed, via the mind, in highest consciousness, out, universally, into the world. Libra’s motto “we are” points to the interconnectedness of we beings via this light love. The dove and the eagle can change bodies because they are the one and the same light that animates all physical being. We can direct our energy of love and light into the bodies of other beings to bring about healing, we can travel to the stars, our original home, we can seek to enter the hearts and minds of those who are not yet even slightly awake and whose wills are bent by greed and hatred; we can cast out those demons by filling the space they occupy with our light love. This is what it meas to be an adept. This is what it means to be a magi or a saint or a shaman or a wizard or a demigod.

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