We are still in the sky as the sign of Libra winds down. Here today at Libra 27° we encounter An Airplane Sails High In The Clear Sky which is about transcending the polarity of duality and is fittingly ruled by the sign of Gemini in a twelve-fold sequence. Through our gift of consciousness, we are able to rise above the conflicts and pressures of our personal life. We embrace our latent capacity to see the issues that plague us (as a result of duality) from so high a level, that we gain new persepctive and reach a place of peacful freedom. As the supernal air sign, Libra emphasizes the boon of celestial-level consciosness and indeed urges us to live in this high state of understanding as a means of right-sizing our problems. Ruled by Venus and hinged on the notion of balance, Unity is the key note of the sign and of this particular image in particular which seeks to find harmony between Gemininan opposites. There is always unity beyond polarity. Everything is itself and its opposite. That is the transcendent realization we alight on here.


So here I am in the south of France which will sound very glamorous which it is in some ways. Meanwhile, I’ve been working constantly, getting writing projects along with Starsky + Cox and Afterglow business mapped out for the year ahead. The Fall is always my most ambitious time, business-wise, and I find it’s not in conflict with travel but rather I gain the right kind of persepctive on issues that seem to crowd me when I’m back at home. Something about flying away and working on things in a different landscape from a different level of consciousness naturally prioritizes not only what needs to be done next but what new direction life should take. Along with this detachment also comes the realization of who are the radiators and who are the drains in ones life, a metaphor borrowed from a London friend of mine. If you’ve been paying attention I divide people into those who celebrate and those who tolerate. I find this is one polarity that remains rather black and white; although radiators can be drains or vice versa, but mainly they stay in one camp. I find that travel gives me a perspective on this particular issue as well. Being away makes me want to return to my usual surroundings to live life in a new way.

There are always things too that are better about Europe (or anywhere) than about America and the inverse is also true. And what is considered good or better also shifts like the sands of Cape Cod or the Mediterranean. The trick is to alight on that which remains true north in our experience and to channel energy into that which makes us most happy. I don’t like moving sideways in life although I am aware that is how much of the momentum manifests. And I’m not one to push to make things happen (despite what donors to my non-profit arts company might think); I”m more about helping the pieces ease into place at this point. And removing any square pegs from the pile before I start doing so.

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