Gemini 17° (June 7)

Pretty crappy Monday overall, but we will straighten everybody out. Work beckons: This works for the Leo man in a number of ways. His trademark confidence itself opens doors. There is never a whiff of desperation, or even the suggestion of a need in his for others to offer acceptance or approval or desired green lights. And he’s not about to jump through hoops or work too hard to convince anyone of his abilities or to provide him with breaks or legs up. He’s not looking for favors, he is offering himself as one. Being so sure of himself, so at ease and self-possessed, and so commanding a presence rightly suggests that he is a natural born leader who could easily head up a project, a department, a team, a company, or whole industry. On the flipside, Leo isn’t one to much consider in what areas he has need for improvement, which can be especially difficult in his personal relationships. He is disposed to call the shots in his love bonds, sometimes without even being aware of this default dynamic. Leo will have a lot of free reign in love relationships and family life, expecting others to revolve around his schedule, and he won’t make the kinds of compromises others necessarily feel they have to when settling into a long-term commitment. He understands early in life what his interests and indulgences might be and he will continue to prioritize solo pursuits over those of familial demand. That naturally occurring Leo feels nary a need to make alterations to his lifestyle, even as he may ascend to great success and become an increasingly higher earner. Many a Leo man might be making major bank without others even knowing it, as he often needs convincing to make upgrades to his living conditions, preferring to sock it away for a rainy day rather than squander on so-called luxuries. He tends to be a man of simple tastes. And he does have his weaknesses. Because he is so willful, it is difficult for him to come to terms with the fact that he might have addiction issues, admitting powerlessness in such a case going against his prideful grain, which brings us to another paradox: Although substance abuse can be an issue for the Leo, it is most often some form of gambling to which he is most susceptible, while any addiction at all has elements of playing Russian roulette. The shadow side of the fifth-house rule over fun and games can manifest in this form of risk-taking, and many a Leo man has found his luck run out one too many times. You know, we said in the first sentence of this chapter that Leo “is certain” that the game of life is one of self-determination and not one of chance, but we didn’t say he matched his behavior with that belief. He might convince himself—what is conviction after all?—that he gets where he wants to go in life by utilizing the sheer force of his sign-ruled backbone, but really he does spin the wheel much of the time, hoping to land on a desired opportunity, not working as hard to reach his goals as he may think he does. Like the male Lion in the wild, Leo can be rather lazy; it’s the female of the species that does all the hunting and rearing of her pride, the male mainly looking impressive and roaring a lot to scare prey out of hiding for the females to pick off, padding up to join in the fait accompli feast. 

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