Libra 8° (September 30)


I needed to get some clarification going for the touring grant we are doing. So I’m going to write the NEFA people and ask some questions and see what I get back:


Sorry to bother you but I just had a few questions as we make headway with the planning grant for Gravitational Fool. I know that the tour must consist of three New England bookings/venues—we plan to have a good deal more in the end. We just staged the showcase for GF at Endicott College which was great and we are speaking with a nice roster of interested venues for the tour. I have a few questions:

First, when is the earliest we can schedule a tour date — does it have to be after June 2019? Can it be before that time? Yes, all dates must be after June 1, 2019 in order to be eligible for Expeditions.

At what point can we ask for the remaining $1500 of the grant and what do we need to have accomplished to get that next infusion? Aside from the expenses incurred, we project that we will “use up” the money on administrative hours alone and the paying out of the artist fee well before reaching our goal of putting together what we hope will be a comprehensive tour (of course we anticipated that the grant would never fully cover the work entailed in booking a tour for GF but of course it surely helps and incentivizes the project). The balance of the grant will be paid once the planning has been completed and you have submitted a final report.

We will want to apply for the actual (separate) tour grant which I assume is due also in April for Gravitational Fool. In order to do so do we simply need to have  (at least) the 3 bookings made? The application for touring support is in February 2019. You will need to have at least three engagements confirmed and each of those organizations will need to submit an Expeditions Touring application.

Can we simultaneously apply for the planning grant again for another New England artist such that we have two artists at any given time being awarded each of these grants? Is it even limited to just the two? Yes, this is fine.


As we failed to receive the full $10K for which we applied, can you help us pinpoint why that was so that we have a better chance of being awarded full amount(s) in future? It was a clear and thorough application, but I think the panel just didn’t find your application quite as compelling as some others and that combined with unusually high demand resulted in your award being less than the request. The panelists change each year so it can be hard to predict the future. Continuing to stay in touch throughout the process will help strengthen your application next time.


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