Those who know me know that Autobiography of a Yogi is one of my top one favorite books. Those who’ve read this Blague since the beginning know I am slightly obsessed with the notion of stumbling upon a “master” in my travels, something that happened a couple of times in my youth, when I wasn’t perhaps ready to receive whatever was on offer. And for the past several nights, dealing with a terrible cold and congestion, I’ve been falling asleep to the film Awake which chronicles the life of Yogananda and it really soothed me between coughing jags. So happy am I to find that A Master Instructing His Disciple is the Sabian Symbol at 19° Pisces, which deals with the transfer of power and knowledge, which keeps the original spiritual and creative Impulse of the cycle active and undeviated. We think of this as a Hindu thing maybe but, as Dane Rudhyar reminds us, even the Roman Catholic Church has a tradition of “Apostolic succesion.” This is how the power and archetypal knowledge is released from the dawn of time until the end.

It’s funny because, as much as I want to receive more knowledge and specifically via this means of transmission which, in Sanskrit is called guruampara, I’m also in the process of being the purveyor, in a sense—not to any one being but via a rather showbizzy presentation we are planning to begin the very day this cycle of writing on the subject of the Sabian Symbols is complete. Strange that. I have long wanted to stage a year-long event whereby, at least, monthly I would explore the landscape of each of the particular signs/houses of the Zodiac to illumine for people, the comsic power encoded in each of the twelve slices of the astrological pie. Speaking of pie, Chris Christie just popped on the television (I have the sound off) and it is obvious, by his appearance (though one would never have known it) that he must have been doing his version of dieting during the campaign because since pulling out (I hate to use that phrase anywhere near talking about Christie) he has blow up. He’s blown the ef up. He is lifting a bottle of water to his lips and he has to reach around his torso. Sorry that was quite a tangent.

Anyway. I need to get onto my own Spring diet. Which sort of brings me back to this image. I think about Yoda as the ultimate personal trainer for Luke Skywalker. I think about the Karate Kid. I think about Grasshopper and his master in Kung Fu. This one-to-one inheritance, imparting of knowledge and skill. Being singled out by some master who might say he’s waiting for you and putting yourself completely in service to the instruction. It all fits the landscape of the sign of Aries which rules this oracle in a twelve-fold sequence: The goal orientation. The transcendence of the ego and yet the acceptance of being the chosen one. The paradox of achieving enlightenment, becoming an exalted being means the trampling that e-word into the dust. The selflessness required in self-actualization. Buddha was an Aries. Hopefully one needn’t follow his particular diet in the awakening of the mind.

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