The sign of Pisces and its native twelfth house are beyond the so-called realities of the material world, which is why they are associated with transcendence. Neptune’s dissolution energy, akin to the mutable-water assignation of Pisces, dissolves our notion of matter into its true reality of pure energy. The ultimate paradox of Pisces being that the real world isn’t and the unseen (call it spiritual if you will, or energetic) world is the truer reality. That most of us are asleep to this fact and enlightenment entails waking unto the dream—this is Nirvana. Anyway. We get a glimpse of that element of Pisces today by way of its collusion with Taurus, which rules this Pisces symbol in a twelve-fold sequence. A Table Set For An Evening Meal greets us at 20° Pisces. And after yesterday’s disciplined, if not arduous, instruction by the “master” we now find some asylum (Pisces) to enjoy some sustenance and relaxation (Taurus). We have put in our effort such that at the end of our day this respite will be provided us. One might extend this as a metaphor for the fullness of our lifespan—that after a years upon years of work and active social participation, we might be afforded the comfort of some caretaking. Though, if you’re American, you will have bloody well have had to afford yourself such.

On the spiritual level, I believe what this oracle says is that, if you lead a dedicated life, like the disciple to the master (which can translate to any dedication to a purposeful existence where your actions don’t hurt or obstruct others but hopefully benefit them) then we will be provided for, without fear of going without. And the “evening” element of this oracle hits home the fact that this might be beyond the twilight of our years. On an even more esoteric level, we can extend this metaphor further to include the notion that after a series of lifetimes of dedication we might be offered the ultimate savasana, that of release from the cycle of life and death and, at long last, find we’ve been give a seat at the table with other such enlightened beings of the Buddha set who have become pure spirit and no longer (even chose to, as some might do) reincarnate. In another spiritual model, the “evening” might signal the end of all days where material, earthly existence as we now know it ceases to be and, had we lived a good life (or lives) we will now find spiritual infite sanctuary “which renews and amply sustains” beyond the limits of time and space. The Pisces and Taurus energies here combine in this scene which portrays the soul-consciousness finding nourishment. It is the fulfillment of whatever we endeavored. We are enjoying the harvest of that which is our archetypal purpose and our soul destiny.

(We’re in the last breaths of Pisces so what did you expect? some frivolous notions?)

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