Aries 21° (April 10)

This was an interesting day. After yesterday’s crazzzzzzy FF incident, today he calls the police saying here is hearing “banging” noises. It really is the last straw. I will contact our peeps today and get this rolling. We need resolution. I have gotten a little lost but I am determined to pull it all together now. We will have a lovely fish pie sort of thing I made for lunch and I will skip dinner (pasta fusilli) simply because I am so exhausted and just need to crash. Anyway I will get some writing done today, finishing up some thoughts on Aries man: You might imagine drawing an invisible line from your most basic drives and instincts to your loftiest, most hifalutin aspirations, creating a powerful connection between the primal, lusty, hungry animal you are and the radiant, enlightened being you imagine yourself to be. Yours is an enviably simple equation of life force—sexuality being its very impetus—firing a surpassing spirituality that is nonetheless steeped in the here and now; that is, if you would, to coin a phrase, let it be. You can unleash the beast, even, or especially, in the bedroom, while still keeping in mind the whole of the experience, not curtailing your typically naturally dominant nature, but understanding your sexual energy to be the fundamental source of would-be embodiment. So, just as you might be exerting yourself, much to your and a partner’s pleasure, you can envision the sexual experience as feeding your spirit just as much as it might, ultimately, exhaust you physically. You might discover that you truly are something of a super man, and that your erotic energy is a renewable resource, evidenced even in a single sexual episode. Bidirectionality being what it is, you might find sex to increasingly take on something of a spiritual experience, bridging a great divide that has characterized an age-old conflict in you; and that you might be able to find a wholesomeness, in the truest sense of the word, in partnership with a singular individual where you once felt a need to supplement your love relationships with extra-curricular sexual experiences, and vice versa.

I am now in my seventh year of writing this Blague. Year six, I went through the first five years, and excerpted from five Blagues per day, as a way of taking inventory of what came before. If there are any blocks of text following this paragraph that would be from the corresponding day last, the sixth, year.

It started with the notion of making art en route to throwing out things from the office and basement, that we would make art en route to the dump. Transformation Station. Indeed I’d like to make gods out of everything sculptural. We can film me in the process of doing it or we can film it as an opening gallery night. I need to order an amazing apron. Do stations of these gods like as there might be in a classical setting. And then it all goes to the dump. Could make a great story.

I also like the storytelling idea, like what Dixon Place as put into place. Afterglow could do something similar to this and set up a virtual experience. The Glow Fest is already moveable. So creatively the idea would be to host various artists and pay them a straight fee and (The idea would be to make this part of the pitch/plea about what we are doing in this new world order. That whole thing to Sponsors needs to be fleshed out but I want to jot down while it’s on my mind that we could generate interest for Ptown businesses. If people don’t come to Ptown, we will take Ptown to the people. And Afterglow will work to activate its concierge section and create a virtual marketplace, maybe it’s based on a map, where you can shop online via businesses websites. In the please we would be telling people we are doing more not less, having had our shows moved until next year, we are exploring ways to do the Glow (a Moveable Festival) as a virtual enterprise.

This is in no certain order. Working on French classes and on songs and shows to perform ourselves. Maybe even the Starsky + Cox shows should we not have the usual venues like Joe’s Pub. It is a boon that Afterglow doesn’t really have a large overhead. Anyway the basement can be quite easily converted to a theater space—a flood of ideas go through my mind on this score. Doing original material, doing whole original shows, doing traditional productions of The Chairs and Tru and The Typists. I may need to contact Ed Morehouse. Have hi be a consulting director. The salon office can be where all the shipping happens. We should probably move the mailbox to Wellfleet in the coming months. If not talk to Jim about having one at front. From this point my hand written notes go in separate directions, so again I will just type what I see and I can reorganize it later. Newsletter from Afterglow. Not what we’ve been doing or done but what we plan to do for the artists. Pay them for gigs to they can perform and get paid and not have to travel or collect them any themselves. Afterglow too needs to have a shop on its website where you can buy donated items in our virtual thrift store.

There was also the idea of performance pieces of say, vacuuming where all these ideas come to mind with a narration as I act it. Showing the creative process and how things can be three-sixty, thinking what am I going to do with those egg yolks in the fridge and later realizing I can make kale Ceasar. Also the amassing together of a virtual theatrical production team.

News Items: Newsletter from Starsky and Cox would just be headlines with click spots to the fuller story on the website.News Items include New book, Consultancy milestones and changes or offers, that Book 2 was optioned, working on a TV pilot , some tithing news, recent press and old press. Can our Instagram enjoy a gallery set up on our website? Thinking about what else the website could use: I would love to get a little shop going, say, of out of print books? Shop. Books and Objects. Kind of Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Stationers? Work for Mark Have Mark do Afterglow/Glow website “moveable” can be both live and virtual appearances.

Write more philosophically about the fixed, mutable and cardinal signs, itself and then add more to the argument. The mechanics, workings of the zodiac could be its own thing. (And we would save all this for the introduction.” This would lead to the podcast work. I just can’t be that linear right now for some reason.

Need to rewrite the biz plan and probs do so before book work begins or put aside a day per week/ten days each for basement clear out and biz plan rejig. (using the Virgo woman time, giving it a span of two weeks? Also talk to Mark about this project.

Then there is the whole Art School idea. All barter. You accept students whose classes you want to take; so if you take three classes you must attract three students. They don’t have to be those who are teaching those classes, ultimately. But at the start it would have to follow.

The irony now is that after writing all this, thinking of ways to outreach for any reports we might need to fill out for the state, there is no longer a requirement to do so, so long as one is staying in touch with their employer. But the notion was to put out pleas for work along the same lines as I’m doing now for branding for fashion business. This will now not be necessary. But it is good to keep in the back pocket.


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