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So I need to articulate where I feel “the story” is now for publiciation vis a vis what we’re doing, non profit. I suggested to the Globe journalist that now was a perfect snapshot moment to feature us—so off the top of my head:

As we approach the eighth annual Afterglow Festival in Provincetown, and plan what will be the 4th annual Glowberon series at Oberon/ART (the name of which we hope will change to Afterglow @ Oberon or something else!) Here we are in the midst of season three, having presented four artists already this season, as we look forward to the final two artists of this season, Joseph Keckler and Fauxnique, who perform April 5 and May 17, respectively.

 It feels like a perfect time for us to muster awareness about what we’ve been doing in Provincetown these past seven years, and in Cambridge these last three. Afterglow was founded (by me and John Cameron Mitchell) in 2011 to preserve and champion Provincetown’s birthright as the birth place of modern American theater and performance, which it is!—many people know that it is the oldest continuous fine-arts colony, but less known is its theatrical heritage—to provide progressive performing artists, whether totally new on the scene, emerging, or seasoned and experienced artists experimenting and expanding their oeuvre. We stage Afterglow after the full glare of summer when Provincetown’s stages aren’t peopled with Broadway stars—stages, like everything else now in town, being valuable real estate. Audiences were riveted and we were hailed for achieving our mission of preserving Provincetown’s heritage—ironically “progressive” Ptown’s theatrical tradition, so we must always be evolving and presenting new artists; while bringing some artists back, year on year, to help them build an audience, etc. Audiences have come to “trust the curation”, realizing we will be putting artists before them which they’ve never seen before. Okay…..

 So straight away, I started presenting some artists at Oberon/ART in Cambridge and after years of discussion about my “bottling” my Afterglow work for Cambridge, we began what has been called the Glowberon series at Oberon in 2015, from fall to spring. And in summer of 2017 we also presented a smaller four day Glow Festival. All told, we have brought thirty artists to ART—we’ve presented about sixty artists in Provincetown—and have built a Boston-Cambridge area audience for our artists whom these audiences have mainly not seen before in their lives. And yet they come, our houses continually growing, proving there is a public here that is willing and eager to be turned on to new artists based on the reputation of Afterg/Glow/Beron.

So here we are. Joseph Keckler and Fauxnique. Joseph is a actor, singer, writer with a classically trained voice who writes his own operas, often in Italian, that could be about taking mushrooms and inviting over too many would-be booty calls from a hookup site. And Fauxnique is Monique Jenkins, a classically trained ballerina steeped in a tradition of radical queer performance and theory. They couldn’t be more different and yet the both fall within the “Afterglow family” of artists whom I would maintain are also social activists of sorts. All our artists/acts must have a narrative, even when presenting cabaret (which will usually modified by the world neo or alt). Pausing now in the middle of this third season of the series at Oberon, in anticipation of these two artists coming to Cambridge, we want to turn people, who still don’t know about us, onto what we’re doing.

Okay that felt good. Thanks for letting me use this forum to get some thoughts down on virtual paper. Stella had to boot it out of NYC yesterday to avoid the snowstorm, having only arrived there on Monday. Such a bummer. I had brought a bunch of food with me to the hotel and purchased a couple of bottles of good, organic, inexpensive red wine, and holed up (it is hole up and not whole up, right?) in the hotel suite getting my head around what it is I need to do, avoiding this long-lingering cold. Anyway, we had provisions on hand to be cozy and get enjoy some wintery extinction bursts before we go deep into what is going to be a month of light eating and teatotaling which is always fun. To everything turn, turn, turn. Today we will walk to the South End and do a little shopping and have lunch and clear our minds and just take a mini-vacation in anticipation of the storm, arriving here overnight. We shall see!


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