Capricorn 18° ((January 8)


I don’t talk about sex much. Even though people associated us with Sextrology and think it’s some kind of a special area of ours. It really isn’t. The astrological archtypes don’t get checked at the bedroom door so we were able to go there; but it really was a publishing “sex sells” idea more than it is some area of expertise on our part. I have always considered myself bisexual which is a known fact, mainly by way of acceptance of my earliest sexual experience(s) which was somewhat imposed on me by an older male. It didn’t in any way repulse me, but I wasn’t shall we say “mature” enough to actually enjoy it. Still I became fairly blasé about sex and gender as I came of age and never made any bones about it, forgiving the pun. And it was the 1980s so it was perfect timing to be all troisieme sexe about it all. I might have mentioned that when I moved back to France, to Paris, in 1985 I was somewhat bent on the prospect of performing a sort of cabaret act as Pan, just Pan. I really should have done that; if I were 21 now, with this brain, I woudn’t have hesitated for a moment. But then I had zero confidence about myself as a singer or actor even. Funny that it would only be two years later that I’d move to New York and study acting, ultimately with the so-called great Uta Hagen who didn’t much like me. I did sacrifice for that art, I really did. And I still do I feel. I mean, look, my Broadway career didn’t take off even though I was in two productions; I wasn’t Danny Burstein who, actually, then, would never sing at a gathering. In the two years I worked with him back to back I never heard him sing. Crazy. Anyway, I have an idea about all of this that I might be exploring soon, in book form. Will keep you posted. Meanwhile I’m writing less and posting (old Blagues) still because I’m considering myself to be on a holiday, still, a mental health holiday to be exact.


At 20° Aries we encounter A Young Girl Feeding Birds In Winter. As many of us still still cope with Winter in Spring, we have perhaps felt compassion for those birds, unlike our migrating geese, who have had to remain and endure the elements. Little wonder Dane Rudhyar speaks of this oracle as “overcoming crises through compassion”. Today we think of helping others survive through difficulty. A young girl might be more prone to sympathy for gentle living things—unlike boys they aren’t prone to hunt and kill. The feminine spirit is one of a nurturing source of life, in contrast to masculine energy which can seek conquest and dominion. We are distinguished from the animals for our charitable natures, accepting the guardianship of all living things. There may be an unconscious understanding that helping the helpless is ultimately helping ourselves. It certainly doesn’t cost us. We can’t control Nature but we can employ a higher principle of Love to ameliorate her negative effects.


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