Leo 3° (July 24)

I feel it’s not good today. If anything, it sucks. I am suddenly cast as Woody Allen. It is very clear that much effort went into creating a solo platform for S. Her own narrative on the website basically says I used to do Starsky + Cox but now I do this. Married life only ever inspired autonomy. I was this person, this penname, this stage name, the books being completely written by my husband (yes, I wrote some end-of-chapter coupling text for the first one). He wrote all the shows I ever appeared in and even though I would fight him creatively tooth and nail his instincts always ended up being right. I needed to go back to school so I did for three years while my husband picked up a lot of the slack. He wrote an entire business plan for our jewelry company and he employed his contacts to ultimately find a designer from whom we built a whole team. I graduate with a degree. And for years I pretend I’m not going to start my own practice and completely marginalize our work to date. I will ultimately sabotage our third book, taking weeks to basically proofread the copy and change some commas to semicolons. I will tell my husband and partner after nearly three weeks disappeared that I will “get back to the book at the end of next week”; I maintain we have an extension when we only had word our agent would try to get one. I will be cavalier with my partner’s livelihood and sink him into the ground because I’ve never been the person I said I was. I am in fact very much like others of my ilk; it’s just that I never had the courage to be so complete an asshole until now because on a trip to NYC multiple people stopped me on the street to tell me I’m amazing. That’s sustainable. As a person who emphasizes the eudaemonic over the hedonistic I am a complete hypocrite. What I don’t quite realize is that the funds with which I absconded in order to fund my solo endeavor are soon to be reimbursed to the company. I realize my fifty-fifty partner has been asking for an accounting of his own company now for years and that I’ve been using funds to further not only my solo aims but to vilify him in the end to try to get away with murder. I am not so much a baroness as I am a murderess. And as I always said about my partner he should have been a lawyer and I would be quite frightened going up against anyone he was representing, especially himself. I hope more than one woman I love and respect is reading this. I think we know me. I think we are going to have to make quite much more a big deal over this than expected. I have all the time in the world and I’m not going to pay an outside professional until I absolutely have to. 

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