Leo 2° (July 23)

It was a good morning and I was happy to connect online with my old friend M. He is one of the key individuals in my recent development and it was fantastic to have a good, long exchange. I had to run a zillion errands and I’m still reeling from learning my mail has been completely stymied. Apparently, things were transferred, or rather forwarded on July 13, a full two weeks later than the S. took a powder. I think I’ve hit a wall with this woman. It’s just so unfair, all of it. I’m sorry that part of me is into the same parts as me, but that has never been otherwise. I’m hitting various walls. I can’t keep staring at the empty spaces. In the next day or two I think I need to start taking over these voids, filling them with me. I’m always tucked into some corner or cutting them to accommodate. I am going to enjoy the transition out of this. I am thinking seriously about working in friend’s resto for fun and as a distraction and to keep from staring at the ceiling nights but I’m also concerned about the Covid surg. It’s ridiculous that I can’t know where she is—ooh, like she’s so important. Her narrative she said is that she’s afraid of me. Me! Me? Really? It is so absurd. Anyway, it was a busy afternoon of errands and such. I’m not going to cook for myself. I don’t care how much money I’m spending. I didn’t go out once from March 2020 till now, basically, so fuck it; besides I’m using my own money and I no longer have some long arm of the law telling me what to do. The remarkable thing is just how loving and kind people are that you meet socially, well, first off as I say many old friends miraculously plop down next to me. But the strangers have been super kind and fun too. I really feel like I’m turning a corner finally. I continue to try and connect and tell her how much I love her but she doesn’t write back and I’m getting to the fuck-it stage I must say. Anyway, I lay down and fell into a nap without knowing it. What is curious is that I fell asleep in the early evening and I woke at around seven. I thought it was morning and couldn’t figure out why it was getting darker not brighter out. I thought maybe bad storm. Turns out I was only asleep for few hours and it was evening. Took myself out to dinner. Back and forth with Caroline’s. They might want me tomorrow, but I think that will be impossible.  Oysters and burgers. I haven’t seen a vegetable in days. I need to go into town tomorrow maybe to remedy that situation. I could use some salad and fish. I won’t actually do that. I’m trying to keep a log of everything that’s needing doing and also what has been done. I’m struggling with her website. First of all talk about doing stuff in plain sight. I mean it basically says, hi, I am part of this couple but I really don’t want to be and the stuff that we did together is pretty fucking stupid while I, on my own, am amazing. It basically says we were doing this thing together but I really needed to do this instead. It belittles what we worked on. It belittles all the hard fucking work I did on behalf of the two of us for two decades. And it actually says I needed to go back to school. Does it say my husband shouderled the actual Wheel (the name of our company) when I was studying for three years. Does it say he wrote an entire business plan? Does it say he wrote all our shows I performed in. The hubris, the narcissism—I have written seven years of a Blague, telling stories, writing dialogue for us to perform, but someone has a very high opinion of their singular dimension prose. I cannot believe how obvious the whole thing is. Talk about jumping ship. This has all been planned out. It is so obvious now. All you have to do…all a judge will have to do is read the words. And by the way, who paid for this solo career, from what bank account was this site created. Did I pay for this? Is someone going to pay for my solo entity. This is not over.

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