Leo 1° (July 22)

Today will have to be different. I’m going to do a deep bedroom clean. Oysters then Spinach and Lobster Mashed to go. It’s Thursday so it must be Rachel. If I didn’t have this pricey cafeteria, I don’t know what I’d do. It lifts my spirits to the max. I need to start paying myself back for the extravagance though I can’t be dropping coin on pricey food every night. It will right itself; meanwhile I am totally doing what my soul wants and that is all I can do. It isn’t quite getting easier though I have to say. S. has asked me not to write her but it is all I do. I have to get my truth out there regardless of the consequences. It is a definite must. Thanks to Brad and to CB and Caroline and thanks to Roderick and DC and all the people who have been rallying around one way or the other. I just need to knock myself out tonight really and I will do exactly that. She can have whatever she wants. She can carry the purse. I don’t have to do it anymore, but if she is taking even more handouts then that will be on her. I wrote the business plan while she was in school. I found, through my contacts, the people who now work with us. I was way instrumental in the creation of all the pieces, pendants especially. I wrote half a book while nothing really moved along on the other side. Lots of time doing yoga and pilates and talking with best girl friends and taking pictures and videos of oneself in various outfits for not only our shared media but ones own. Narcissism has been rampant culminating in the story brought home from New York about how irriestible one is. Penny had great insight into that one. She’s seventy and says it still happens to her. She is also a bisexual who says that she would jump into the sack with another woman in an instant but she has never had an emotional connection to someone of the same sex. Word. Women get away with it. I never have. And in the end the heteronormative narrative will out. It dovetails with all the familiar turf—and yes that word was chosen carelly. . I warned a certain friend not to go down that road but she did anyway, alienating, okay, maybe not the masses, but the quality sensitive children of the world, not to mention all the actors that ever portrayed her characters. But “it is the hill” she wishes to die on. Would you, please? I get J + LLB now more than ever. The hostage taking the holding forth. Don’t get me wrong I truly love my sister with whom I’ve always felt I shared a brain, but the hubris is rampant and delusions of grandeur will out. Emphasis on will. I’m bitter because I’m not an idiot and I know what’s been going on. There is only one way that this can happen the way it is, let us say, in a level of comfortability. If you’re reading this it’s fine. I feel a bit put off by all of this. It isn’t happening to you personally and you’re taking sides and that isn’t good or kind or any of the things you might consider yourself. I feel good about myself, meanwhile; and I have always been exactly who I am so don’t expect any more apologies from me. If you don’t want a person like me around then I not only don’t want to be around you but, meanwhile, what were you thinking the last thirty-nine years, exactly? I am learning that I have a lot of friends out there who love me and more on that tomorrow.

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