Leo 0° (July 21)

Watched Janis Joplin documentary. I think I’ve seen it before. Today started in Orleans, at the automotive shop and then to the dentist for one of the worst experiences of my life. The novocaine, or whatever the fuck that was, was almost the worst part. To boot they charged me double what I thought it would be. Oh well there is no way around that now. My high school friend Dave beamed in to see if I wanted to see Mavis Staples. I said yes because I have to start saying yes. I will indulge myself with one more dozen oysters and bring home some lobster mashed potatoes. I couldn’t chew anything all day so I just had the little bit of soup that’s still left over. I’m so lonely it’s not real. Still not getting easier by any stretch of the imagination. I’m really sad that I’ve already lost friends over this. That she would torpedo certain 3year old relationships especially, one which she knew was very important to me and one which I initially re-ignited. I find it really unbelievable that she would do that. I’m noticing too that the boys in Hudson aren’t responding either. I find that very telling. I doubt very much she’s with them but who the hell knows where she is. I know I’m talking out of school or whatever the phrase is but I have to get this poison out of me and this is a very good way to do it. I will soon be caught up to myself on this front and that is a very good thing because I do want to get back into the book. The plan for the book, getting back on a schedule. Putting physical therapy dates into my calendar. Which branch is the safety deposit key for? Is the apartment insurance truly up to date. Begin to back and document via photos. Start posting what’s for sale starting with my own stuff. Composing letter re housing and work bit also with dinner invites. Commit Linguine Clam Sauce recipe to memory. Pack sweaters into Jimin bag. Honestly I don’t care how banal this Blague is sounding. It is all about survival right now and I am doing my damnest. I am actually writing this on Sunday the 25th, playing catch up on all the last days and debating whether I should venture out for another meal. Not always the best idea but I might be able to get away with it. Especially if I do start to supplement over the next two months. I believe it will be busy. 

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