Cancer 29° (July 20)

I will go to Caroline’s tonight after learning it is Caroline from the Mews and she has married an old friend with whom I had a falling out twenty years ago. The relationship will become healed. Some random thoughts: Are we still using Gary and Mark. Find out the status of Astro-scapes. Get back into the book next week. Update of Astercast. Schedule physical therapy. Pay Pierce. Artwork from Guiglia. Amazon account. Nespresso account. Scheduled re-jig with Meg. Inventory all rooms furniture. Do photo collage of items and housewares. Stage the house for sale—set up event page for doing so. Gold leaf glue/paint (for broken things). Call Tim B. regarding taking and/or buying books. Contact VW. Get scratch remover. What to do when the little white thing is blinking orange? What should the boxes look like for proper internet function? Dreger portraits. Merola? Hocking? Hockney? Hockney Letter? Capaldo? Address Banks. Address Mailboxes. Address Amazon and Nespresso and Apple Music. Pills in Cabinet? Stuff to shred. Gabriela wallpaper? Bag full of bathroom products. Catalogue each room. I am seriously staying away from any kind of substance becaue it just makes me so depressed. Gnawing at me is the need to address the vilification aspect of the written exit speech. I am starting a list of all the people I am telling the sad news to and putting out feelings for possible places to live at the same time. Adding new names as I roll along. I have to write to her because I don’t know how I’m paying for things. Speaking of things, they are fishy when it comes to mailboxes and again to the banking thing. I really need to address this but I’m giving her time to come back to me. The response was semi polite even though yesterday’s message was way harsh. I find myself somewhat stranded this evening and strung out. I had a gut feeling I should stay to myself, but as I say there was some good to come out of it. I’m still not sleeping and I’m sweating like mad in the night. I’ve washed sheets three times this week alone. Probably detox from all the wine S. and I were drinking every night. I did think it was strange that on her last night here she brought home three bottles of wine. I think she wanted me to pass out. Clever lady in the end. It’s still not getting easier but at least I am beginning to function (somewhat). I will have comprehensive list of what needs doing between my notes here plus texts I’ve sent plus the Responses to Logistics doc. When I do hear from her people I will say I am in receipt but I have been trying unsuccessfully to get the following answers and access from her, but to no avail. I will not respond to them until they respond to me. So first things first.

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