Aquarius 11° (January 31)

Chicken soup again.

June 21

No surface dwelling Gemini, you feel things deeply, a carnivorous carnelian connoting your grumbling hunger for a meaningful life. You crave no less than a career that taps emotional resources, soulful friend connections, and the greatest love of the millennium.

June 22

Like the red sky at night, you delight others with promise, regarding both your talents and reliability. You enjoy responsibilities—to you, stepping stones to a sense of purpose. Deeply in touch with natural rhythms, you’re accepting of yours and others’ many moods.

June 23

You’re a gray pearl, taking any chaos in your experience and letting it shape you into the beautiful and resilient character you are. Life is your oyster when a lid is kept on drama. You find magic in the mundane so long as you don’t become mired in others’ minutiae.

June 24

Your essence is clear, shall we say nude? As a creative, you court the Muses, artistry flowing through you. You travel to the beat of your own drum, personal ethics bumping against the status quo. Ahead of your time, you foster patience as the rest of us catch up.

June 25

A greenish gunmetal illustrates the fact you take no prisoners. You’re savagely straight-forward with no patience for puffery or procrastination. Nothing if not prolific, you won’t wear too many hats at the same time. But yours is a life of reinvention with multiple acts.

June 26

Like a blue moon, you glow with rare intuitive light. Your gut is a guide—environments must feel essentially good for you to live or work in them. Not one to impose your will, you allow for fruition, never forcing it. You believe greed is the ugliest thing on earth.

June 27

Let’s call you mellow yellow. Fingered by fate for greatness, you can be reluctant in the spotlight, using it to help illuminate the lives of others. You see what’s on the inside of people, how they hurt, and you personify hope. In love, you’re a liberated hippy at heart.

June 28

Like silvery ash, you portray the notion of renewal. Taking on board lessons of the past, you steer ahead to distant shores. The future is uncertain but you rest assured that home is a state of mind that goes with you. And that there are some sexy drifters along the way.

June 29

Your sparkle is champagne, and your vivid imaginings go to our head. The most cerebral Cancerian on the block, you communicate big ideas simply, no easy task. You’re a master at making artsy aspirations commercially viable. So big deal you cry at the drop of a hat.

June 30

You’re all-over aubergine, a nightshade that grows under your ruler Moon. A creature of the night, you don’t need to stay up late. You receive messages in dreams. Indeed, some of your best ideas emanate from your unconscious. Still, you do like the wee small hours.

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