Aquarius 10° (January 30)

Aquarius 10° (January 30)

Making a giant chicken soup. Deluding myself for a day that my diet begins. 

June 11

An exquisite tea rose, your day’s vibration is the color of nature and civilization working in perfect concert. It expresses your own duality: urbane with a wild side. You infuse formal or formulaic enterprises with untamed energy. This makes you, in a word, fierce.

June 12

A deep Mandarin orange speaks to your taste for the exotic. Of all Geminis, you are most expansive, if not controversial, going against expectations put upon you from a young age. You prove children belong to no one but themselves, and that we all remain children.

June 13

Cobalt blue is an ancient color associated with alchemy, the god of which is your ruler Mercury. You take a page from the alchemist’s book, the whole of your life being one long positive self-transformation. You create golden opportunities by getting the lead out.

June 14

You’re yellow, but you’re no coward. Like a canary in a coalmine, you’ll feel out scenes before investing fully—unlike one, you escape deadening situations. Others look to you for guidance. Arresting, provocative and challenging, you’re not just another happy face.

June 15

You look mauvelous, a hybrid color of the hibiscus flower. A most adaptable Gemini, you have always had strong role models, grafting qualities from a variety of sources, merging them into a unique style all your own. You are a veritable genie at development.

June 16

You know where you’re going to—so says your solid mahogany color vibe. Your mission has been clear since the cradle, so either you’re already realizing your destiny or you need to admit that fulfillment lies in the direction of what you’ve first and always wanted to be.

June 17

The barely pink magnolia aura of your birthday says you can play the delicate flower but you have nerves and a resolve of steel. This characterizes your Gemini duality: You will act the ingénue, getting others to do your bidding; but then, Lolita, you lower the boom.

June 18

Rose is the color of love. And romantic music is forever swelling inside you. You cast yourself as the lead in your life, trusting your heart to negotiate your journey. Real or fictional, you have stories to tell. Your way with words is both lyrical and liberating.

June 19

You’re a slow burning Gemini, befitting your charcoal color vibration. No flash in the pan, you achieve as if unseen, discreet about the details of business or private life. People might even wonder what it is you do do. Then, suddenly you seem an overnight success.

June 20

Celadon is your auric color, greeny blueness expressing the excitement you inspire. Like a first dip of the season, you refresh all with your divine words of direction. Your magic mutterings release negativity, rewrite headlines, unblock success and, yes, accept delight. 

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