Aquarius 9° (January 29)

So in the wee hours the power went out. Thus I prepare to freeze to death. I will spend the day under blankets. I tried to read the books on the shelf. Well I tried three. Then I found a Lucy biography. I know I know everything about her already but it made for a good distraction from the drama of this blizzard. The wind is whipping. And the snow I think of the Kate Bush record from 2012 and I dissolve into tears because it meant to much to us and we performed songs off that album. Oy. Today is one of the few days in this process that I have felt so alone. I have to remind myself of all the times I wanted to be alone. In New York, in London and Paris, in Boston. I am one of the authors of this reality. Oh man, speaking of which: I get this fucked up apology from Chris and Joe last night. On Wednesday I wrote to tell them they both suck. So they write this thing that is just in no way really contrite. More like, yeah, we fucked up we send you p e a c e and they actually spaced out the letters like that. You know me, right? Or if you don’t quite yet you soon will. I let loose. The audacity. The time to write me back was July, August, September, October, November, December, any time than the last days in January after I wrote to them to say I could really use a metaphorical cuddle and a chat. Nada thing. More of the same from me I’m afraid. There is a Drag Race and a Bill Maher waiting for me but here I am sitting in the same spot on the sofa all day long. It’s now nearly 9PM and I’ve been sitting here since 7AM. Eversource keeps sending messages that it will be fixed at 1PM, then 7PM now 11PM. My prediction is we won’t have power for another two days. I tried my hardest to connect with S. to let her know I was sitting here in the dark and needed a distraction; and since we didn’t speak the other day it might be a good use of time (during a blizzard!). Nothing back. We are back to nothing back. Oh well. I texted with Tim and Christopher and Michael and Cyrus and Dave and Y. I’m thinking I should reach out to David about the summer and see if he might be interested in some cohabitation. Come to think of it there might be other opportunities as such out there. 

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