Aquarius 8° (January 28)

I am pretty immobile. Getting ready for the storm. Didn’t sleep well. Still worried about S. I’m texting and texting and I just haven’t wanted to check email. When I finally do I see a message that was sent at 4:22 AM and I’m thinking wait a minute—are we once again in different time zones. The message detailed how her phone wasn’t working and how she needed a new one. Well that doesn’t prevent one from picking up a land-line receiver or sending an email on the actual day we had an appointment to speak. I’m trying to be very chill I really am. But things are getting tense again around here. And I’ll probably have to wait a month or two before even posting something as benign as this. Seven fifteen Tuesday I will drive to get my hair cut if I can’t secure an appointment on Monday. The snow will likely accumulate. My day will end back at Mac’s for some happy-hour oysters. We are bracing for a blizzard and it’s not going to be good. It never is. I will lose power for ages as is typical. So besides the oysters I order a salmon skin roll and then these great three fellows sit next to me, two of whom are in their twenties and boyfriends and almost neatly mirror the opening fifteen minutes of Euphoria 2-3. They are both absolutely drop dead gorgeous and they have a third with them who is obviously in love with them both. I’ll say their names so I don’t forget. David, Trey and Craig. David, next to me, knows my (late) vintage car from Wellfleet where his family lives and where he’s spent every summer of his life. He is wearing a very rustic looking signet ring on his pinky, which turns out to be a family crest, and a black watch with a brown snakeskin band. I ask if it is Cartier, it isn’t but on the same wrist he is wearing a Cartier Love Bracelet. So, uh huh, what? He is impossibly pretty except when compared to his boyfriend or husband….it is unclear. All I know is that they have been together five months and for them that’s a long time. Craig is just there, being a rather wealthy forty-something, and I think he gets to be daddy in exchange for being in their brilliant company. And everyone is super nice is the upshot. Loving and kind and adorable and hugs all around. Nlan, for lack of a better disguise, actually comes up to apologize to me tonight. I let him completely off the hook. I met him at an age when he was a callow thing, all pastels and bowties; now he is more gothic in nature and, in a recent exchange, had the temperament to boot. Nobody needs that. No nowhere not no how. So I return home after oysters and seared scalllops, and I’m on tinder or tender hooks or whatever they are that will go through spell-check, but the snow is not yet happening. The wind begins to whip but I go to bed with Friends on just so I’m alerted, maybe, when electricity goes off. I’m already obsessing over moving out and I have another three months. But I’ve been here three months already and it went by like (snap!). I have to figure out my life. I can’t be this vagabond at this age. I must make a solid plan. So let’s do that. 

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