Aquarius 7° (January 27)

Today I will freak out because I am supposed to be chatting with S. but she is completely m.i.a. I am serious concerned and then outright worried that something has happened to her. I will eat the remaining chicken tacos and make a giant chicken soup. I also make some yummy stuffed mushrooms. Of course, by eight tonight I’m starving and head to Fanizzi for more chicken (pot pie). I’m getting as big as a house. I have to stop thinking food is love cuz it aint. Anyway, I’m driving everywhere these nights because I don’t feel like walking nor do I really have the wardrobe for it. Speaking of wardrobe, I have to do some major editing. I think I need to find a place with wifi after all. I’m feeling like a lost soul today. It isn’t productive to get angry because it’s such a precarious position but I would never jerk around like this. I send that awful Chris and Joe a text telling them they suck. I also find Art online and send a message. As a character, the show is about her finding her voice. Right now all the characters are losers except for the cliché “conventional” Capricorn. Why would Z be interesting to a woman in a Bentley. And then why does Z fist the woman. Are we all fisting now? It’s gratuitous. The pilot already jumps the shark. It’s ridiculous. We want to like these characters. And there should be more characters? How long is the show? We should be getting Z’s astrological insights. She should have been originally obsessed with myths and so bummed out that the gods and goddesses no longer exist. Set it in college. We met in college. You’d think I’d at least be sent the notes we/I generated in conversation. Anyway, why are there three main female characters and one, nearly clownish, stereotypically gay character, the kind you might see in the seventies or eighties. It’s absurd. The one straight male whom we never see is “Gorpy” which sounds like an inside joke between the writer and her friends. It should be a fun and funny Euphoria. Let us try and get Carolyn Strauss and Dan Minahan on board. To put Starsky + Cox in the present, meeting in college, on their study abroad which we can place in England as opposed to France so everyone is English speaking. I was born a few decades too soon to enjoy the sort of fluidity younger people enjoy in terms of their sexual identity and gender. All the characters need to have three hundred and sixty degree aspects to themselves. What is each character’s individual back story. Even a minor one. How long is this show?

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