Aquarius 6° (January 26)

Resuming the TV binge. I will end up having lovely oysters and calamari for dinner and hang out with Eric whose story I really didn’t know. In some ways I realize it parallels my own. It is feeling quite good to be making some meaningful connections. I know who the tender is this time. I mean not by name but…I think I’m going to be better off doing something right on route 6A this summer. I need to find something that really suits me and isn’t too far a drive etc. Anyway, I hope I want have to do anything but just finish my book; and maybe start on the next. I know the jewelry will be cracking but it isn’t sustainable enough an economy. I have to start thinking more like a winner I know that much. We will get some royalties and also a renewal hopefully. The thing I want to say is that, given the fact that so many shows feature ensembles of characters in their high school years—Euphoria, Elite, Riverdale, Sex Education on and on—where they dress to the nines, are sophisticated, go to parties and clubs, do drugs, say in the case of Euphoria, the characters in this show, who are older seem less sophisticated than the teens on other shows. They have it less together. Also they have very little depth and I think are totally cliché at times. They are two-dimensional at best. We discussed in the past when you were between writers that it makes sense to us to actually draw from our actual life on one hand, but also to consider reality as it stands now. For instance Z, whom I’m telling you is Pisces not an Aquarius, should have been obsessed with astrology since, say, the age of 11. So that by the time she’s in high school, never mind an adult out in the world, she has already carved a niche out for herself. M, S and Z are all sad sacks; and L, by comparison, is like a throwback bridezilla. Also “acting like another sign” is nonsensical. Just as the fact that the Virgo is a virgin who nonetheless gives expert blowjobs. What Euphoria does so brilliantly, via narration, is delves into all the characters. And there are not four or five, there are at least a dozen interesting ones. The show also needs to know where it’s going. In this day and age, especially, teens or twenty somethings are super savvy when it comes to social media. They are not working for an old-person circular or flyer. And a writer couldn’t hand in sexy copy that gave old people heart attacks. It’s stupid. There is actually so much wrong with this. The show should be called Celestial. It shouldn’t lead with the sex, although sex should be a large part of it. It should be about finding connection between self and universe and self and each other. And Z sees the patterns.

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