Aquarius 12° (February 1)

Chicken soup for lunch. Dinner at Fanizzi, shortribs. I will then stop in at Sal’s. Rachel’s birthday.

July 1

As sharp as lemon yellow is your focus. This speeds you from the most inauspicious origin to positions of power, wealth and sway. There’s nothing negative in your ambition. It’s designed for influence to help others. Yours is the birthright of a great, lasting legacy.

July 2

Like a glowing pale melon moon, your energy is exciting and unexpected, often taking others off guard on first meeting. You are a keen observer of life’s ironies, eliciting laughs on that score. Behind a vivacious exterior lies a true believer in fairy tale romance.

July 3 

Frosted pink, you’re a downlow Moonchild, obscuring details to keep others guessing. You blur lines between high and low sensibilities, being both pristinely, and pop-, cultured; champagne and sippy straws. You know what people want and, at times, give it to them.

July 4

Bright as Prussian blue, you breed excitement. Your commanding presence and bell-clear voice win you myriad admirers. You initiate fun and friendly competition, an undisputed proponent of good cheer. But, no mistake, if crossed, you’ll reduce open rivals to rubble.

July 5

A reassuring coffee, your vibe is totally on-it responsible. You thrill at your own expertise in an ever increasing range of interests, goals and activities. Not to make you self-conscious: you create memories in the wake of your driving, socially directive mojo.

July 6

Good grief:  your aura color’s greige. It expresses an ability to digest setbacks, turning manure to magic. Sign of a strong inner life, it may see you mistaken as blasé. As if: Your ability to process experience gets you the most out of it, while freeing you for new ones.

July 7

You’re a chin-up buttercup aura personality, reserving your cheering section for a party of one. If everyone did so, it would be a better world. With a small emotional footprint, you conserve energy for achieving what’s arguably the most important goal in life: Self-reliance.

July 8

Robed in a saffron aura, you take a ceremonial approach to experience. In touch with natural rhythms, you’re ritualistic, rather devotional, in running your life. You eschew material trappings as an end in themselves, craving the community of very-like minds.

July 9

You’ve got a flavescent glow, a sign of the kind of wisdom that stems from experience. Your beginnings may’ve been histrionic, if not humble, but you cultivate calm as you sail, ever smoothly, through life. You exceed your sane, realistic expectations at every turn. 

July 10

Like the iridescent innards of a mussel shell, you keep your radiant spirit under wraps, sharing inner most hopes and dreams only with those who show you theirs first. The beauty of life, for you, lies in, often not so, quiet moments of mutual self-expression.

July 11

The cardinal-water sign of the zodiac, Cancer is symbolized as a font, befitting your waterspout color vibe. You are an endless source of both recreation and re-creation, playful in private and constructive in your career. You rid situations of negative emotion.

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