Virgo 5° (August 28)


Another beach walk first thing this morning. The bittersweetness of the season has already descended. It was one of those magical mornings where the light twinkles like crazy and you feel like you’re inside Wrinkle in Time or The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The walks have been spectacular although they are surely touch on the feet, I must say. I believe I can begin to make myself easy, but to do so I should dedicate this Blague, today, to my to-do list and just record all the random notes that have once again began to crowd the surface of my desk. We have one appointment today with a client in Munich and then I have a phoner with one in L.A.; though it’s cliche to say the one in L.A. could very well flake out and just not call at the desginated time. (As expected.)

 I will aggragate all random thoughts and I will tie up all loose ends such that all runs like clockwork starting now (it already does). I needed to get sparkler level from Bai and perry’s and figure out who to approach vis a vis missionary sponsorships and update that doc, which I will do today. I will keep writing until my nerves calm down and I’m in the final stretch and trying to make sense of it all. I think I’m managing okay, all in all. And on deeper thought, I’d say, pretty well. I will sketch in Thursday for Hotels and Realtors, as they are an untapped but important source I ignore most years for fundraising because they are just so dire. Also the hotels already pay tax to help, so the best I can hope for is a little accommodation and anyway, theirs are the perfect places to peruse to make sure they have cards and such. Seaglass is especially on the to-do list.

I will indeed be introducing Marthe to the world tomorrow so I’m excited about that. I’ve put together three different mailers that I’m hitting everybody with and then next week I’ll go even wider for support. I have to also make a third doc for Brian King that combines Nefa Info up Front with Poster and Bio Info and send to the Nefa peeps to make sure all looks kosher. I can borrow from the Endicott release on that score.

Ugh I just got a note about our upcoming court case vis a vis the accident we had three years ago when some stupid idiot while texting plowed into us going a mile a minute while we were stopped in traffic behind a long line of traffic. I hate insurance companies and these kind of sick venal institutions that try to fight you for money when it is all their fault. I don’t know. I really am losing my faith in this country and the way things (don’t) work here. I used to be so proud of our functionality, dating back to Rondald Reagan who was a horrible person and president. Even his son, junior, seems to think so. What are you supposed to do with these kinds of people I mean really?


Afterglow Festival sponsorships traditionally start at the thousand dollar mark. And though we would never dissuade you from giving at that level, Afterglow seeks to penetrate the imaginative, supportive spirit of our kindest Provincetown and Cape Cod entrepreneurs and entities who are better able to sponsor the festival with a more modest donation. So we created an affordable sponsorship (that, in essence, pays you back in kind) for small and local businesses and enterprises—those with restaurants, inns, shops, products and services, which we already promote to our visiting festival-goers. Did you know that 85% of our audience comes from off-Cape?

Our MISSIONARY SPONSORSHIP at the $500 level is not only tax deductible to the full extent of the law, but it also entitles five employees and/or friends to half-price tickets (for two!) to all Afterglow Festival shows (September 12-16, 2017). Afterglow simply forgoes its usual cut at the box office. So not only are you supporting Afterglow, now, when we need it, you’re also giving pals and those in your employ affordable access to the hottest, newest, most progressive performances to hit Provincetown in each year.

 And that’s not all. The Afterglow Festival will feature your place of business on its website, in its newsletters, actively directing our audience to your doors. Plus, it gets better: As a Missionary Sponsor, you and your crew are guest-listed for our parties and events, including our Opening Eve Repast at Baie Bar Resto, Monday, September 10, with visiting artists and fellow friends of the Afterglow Festival.

So let’s review: Just five hundred clams you needn’t give to the government…as many as five happy employees (plus one!) and/or friends who see any and all our Afterglow shows at half-price…your whole crew on our opening night party guest list…promotion via our website, eblasts and and in print…and, oh yeah, we almost forgot: that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from being part of and fostering, a community where art and commerce can work hand-in-hand, honoring and championing Provincetown’s birthright as a cultural center for progressive live performing arts, which crucially befits its century-old status as the birthplace of the modern American stage. How about that?

 Our roster of Missionary Sponsors has included Baie Bar Resto, Perry’s Liquors, Tim-Scapes, Kiss & Makeup, Ptown Bikes, Canteen, Strangers & Saints, Fanizzi’s, The Waterford, Shor, Roux, Ken Fulk, Mercedes Cab, TJO Home and others. Emissary Sponsors have included local businesses like Salt Hotels, Baystate Cruise Company, The Art House, , 151 Bradford Market, John Derian Co. and many more.


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