Cancer 23° (July 14)

Was meant to get some procedure at the dentist but I’m still too ill with fatigue. I fear my reflexes even driving fifteen minute journey. I must sign off on one leg of my writing journey and enter another today. Had a pot a coffee for the first time in two weeks thinking it would help. Nope I just feel more nervous. Lost 11 lbs in 14 days. Screw Noom. Try Gloom and Doom. Happy Bastille Day. Happy Birthday to my friend MP across the pond who has been so instrumental in this difficult time. I can’t feel my legs. That’s not good right? Better work before I lose all steam this day. God I hope I can sleep and eat something today. Ok to writing: Whereas singular elements of sisterhood are an aspect of the premier fire sign of Aries by way of its ruling goddess Athena, she is really the “daughter archetype” in astrology and other esoteric disciplines, while Artemis represents the “sister archetype” in the fire sign of Leo. First, Artemis has a twin, Apollo, which speaks to the fact that Leo will typically have a close male friend in her youth, and several in a series, throughout her life, with whom she feels a mind-meld and an familial affinity. And of course, Artemis has a retinue of female companions whom she protects and whom generally genuflect in her direction. This will also become a feature in Leo’s life. But as with anyone, real family members included, all such, often revolving, creatures serve at the pleasure of their queen. And like the female servants of Cleopatra, they must be prepared to lay down their lives for her, metaphorically speaking (of course?).            Funny how Sheba and Cleo are traditionally popular names for cats. The etymology of Cleopatra is “glory of the father”, that father principle, again, not dissimilar to that of Dorothy, really. We long associated the advent of “glory days” or “salad days” with the archetypes of golden boy, Leo, only to later realize the phrase originates in Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra uttered by guess who. Cleo says, …My salad days/When I was green in judgment, cold in blood/To say as I said then! What is the meaning of this? It’s about understanding circular nature, the imagery of which is all over this sign with its magnetic orbit. The major drama of interest in the life of Cleopatra hinges on those pivotal years leading up to middle age associated with Leo, 28-35, she dies just four years after. And here she is in the work of the bard, circling back to reference her energy, her spirit in youth, green in judgment, salads are green, so too are they cold, like her blood, a killer, and she’s tapping into that energy, in her maturity, only to presumably do so, now, with aplomb. She recognizes and employs her raw energy—salads are also raw. This is not only teachable moment, by example, for you, Leo, designed for you to recall times in your life when your raw, green spirit won the hour. We are actually talking about your own fixed fire, the raw energy of your spirit, something you can look back and document spontaneously surfacing at this or that juncture in your life, never failing to affect a positive re-animation of your life. Salads, too, are wild. And Cleopatra is speaking to a time when her own fire ran as such. But by way of retrospection, she is connecting the dot between a past cycle of experience to her present one, speaking to a cyclical experience of reality. 

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