Cancer 22° (July 13)

I’ve got to figure out the sleep stuff in the early hours and break my writer’s block in the afternoon. I did a pretty good job. This happened in the first week of loneliness: I had this amazing dream. I was in a sort of mall but there were what I thought would be really nice apartments upstairs from it with elevators emptying into this indoor public space. I was racing through this mall and turned a corner and sort of bumped into this lady who I knew just got off the elevator feet away and she was headed for a sort of side door into a café-diner. We amicably apologized for running into one another. She had bright red hair and was wearing a blue suit hued somewhere between powder and French royal (more the latter) and we did a double take of recognition. I said you’re Lucille Ball and she recognized me as one of her students (I never studied with Lucille Ball but if you ever have a chance to read The Pink Gorilla by the late great Taylor Negron, you must do that); now I had in real life studied with Uta Hagen and I think my subconscious had its own purposes for this conflation. In dream world, I agreed that she had coached me on my audition for the National Actors Theater, which in reality I was a member of, but for which I never had to perform audition material. I think I said, yes, you helped me with the Puck monologue. She was still basically holding this side door to this café-dinner that was in this mall but neither resto nor mall was shabby. Rather it was the kind of indoor space that one finds and expects in Toronto. We sat together and then went back up to her apartment. I am in the middle of working on material about Leo woman. I’m sure that has everything to do with it. Still writing a bit today:What many a Leo learns the hard way is that she can lose her spiritual footing all too easily as the result of romantic involved, especially early in life. We advise the Leo to take her Artemis (and by extension her Hestia) archetype quite literally. One of the paradoxes of the sign is that our beautiful center of attention will suddenly drop this assignation and make a would-be lover or romantic partner the center of her world, when, more times than not, she can run rings around ‘em. If you’ve been through that, Leo, it’s likely a pattern that has repeated. The truth is that Leo tends to enter into what she considers serious, adult relationships fairly early in life and, as purpoted for years, she is drawn to those she feels has a passion for life that matches her own. The usual trap she falls into is that these fiery types she beelines for have a self-destructive, scorched-earth approach to life, which will see the Leo feeling especially burned. This isn’t a bad thing. Time and again we have seen the Leo woman who finds herself suddenly alone, by design or by dumping, thrive in the extreme when she exits a, typically intense, relationship. Artemis energy is here to teach the Leo that she needs to go it alone in life, ironically, if she’s going to make the best kind of love match. She needs not need the person with whom she couples. Instead, her partner must be the one she is willing to materialize, which can take time and require patience. A partner should also reflect her fully realized self, even if she has quite gotten there herself—just as she imagines herself at full height and full strength, befitting her sign’s rule of the spine, she must take that same will power, in every sense of the term, and hold out for someone that suits whom she is ultimately to become. In the meantime, there is so much benefit to be had. Artemis energy is essentially wild, feral; and from observation, Leo always does well to maintain her freedom until such time as a relationship comes along in which she can continue to retain it. She will thus hunt for her life more vehemently, which is never a bad thing. 

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