Two days ago we saw a Venetian gondolier serenading—this oracle being under Taurus rule in a twelve-fold sequence. Taurus governs the voice and the sign’s planetary ruler is Venus for which Venice is named. Yesterday that singing evolved into a prima donna opera star on stage, depending upon audience interaction, that two-way street, ruled by Gemini, taking ones wares (talents) to market, in this case, the opera hall. Today’s oracle would be ruled by the sign of Cancer in said twelve-fold sequence. And of course, this premier water sign, at 22° Cancer sees A Young Woman Awaiting A Sailboat. If you have been reading me lately, or Starsky + Cox’s Sextrology over the years, then you know that Cancer is about the power of wishcraft, waiting for ones ship to come in, which, the sign teaches us, happens over calm seas, when the chaos of our projected emotions settle into a natural rhythm, akin to that of the tides.


The sailboat symbolizes a sort of transcendent, soulful joy—our spirit opened to the possibility of our manifesting dreams. However dissatisfaction is the rightful core of this image and this phenomenon. Cancer and the fourth astrological house is about passage, moving from ones experience and environment of origins to the life and world one creates for oneself. It is associated with reaching the age of maturity, but really this dynamic is true at any moment in ones life—we may always aspire to our ever-unfolding dreams. And well we should. Even though we know the inevitability of our experience is physical death, life’s paradoxical nature is nowhere best expressed in our continued desire to aspire. This oracle might depict an imaginative youthful person, but even that is metaphoric: for the fresh outlook we must all maintain if our continuing dreams are to come true.

So don’t fight your dissatisfaction, let it fuel the winds of change that will bring that sailboat your way. I have to say that I am at a major turning point. Even though I believe in my heart that so much of what I’m doing is selfless and designed to make my tiny corner of the world a better place, I have to admit that it doesn’t seem to be working, let alone appreciated. I believed in giving myself over, in a volunteer capacity, for instance, to non-profit endeavors that this would meet with success. The truth is, it doesn’t seem to be happening. Maybe too many people are locked in that prima donna depicted in yesterday’s image, determined to make their own mark and own profit, that they cant realize there are some of us who aren’t designed that way. That there are those who sacrifice profit and their own time and energy to preserve a way of life or legacies. But it’s like relationships; if you don’t feel any appreciation in a relationship, or indeed detraction, while you are giving and giving, they love and loyalty to that relationship will be bred out of you. It’s nothing you can force to happen. But you have to know when to cut your losses and pack it in. It’s not so much a matter of sink-or-swim, because I’m planning on doing neither. Not all honest and genuine intentions meet with appreciation. It’s important to recognize this and head for the dock of the bay.


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