Taurus 1° (April 21)





Had a rather stress-free journey into New York City, and it was a lovely chilly day. Dipped down to TriBeCa so S. could pop into Ted Muehling to fix her earrings and buy J. a congratulatory gifty. Got to hotel and room was ready; and so we were able to have a little bite and take a wee walk for me to find something to wear. I found things to wear just not to dinner; so with a full suitcase I felt I still had nothing to put on. It’s a weight thing, which it always is, and I have to get over it and transcend this issue once and for all. Anyway, spring is here and with it comes my daily constitutionals; and it will be nice to get back to yoga in any case. For some reason this winter was harder on my body than others have been previously.

Dinner was at Marjorelle which was pretty effing delicious. I had the clams and the tagine of lamb. It was actually fairly reasonably priced for the three course menu; while I suspect the champagne that flowed counterbalanced that ideal.

All in all I fell back in love with New York this night. Seriously I haven’t wanted to spend much time with my ex city over the last ten years; but there is something about being in that uptown environment that seems at once like old New York, when I worked at magazines uptown, catering to denizens of certain zipcodes, and a modern new gilded age version in which we unfortunately now live. And the divide shall get more stunning still. But on this day I just wanted to enjoy rolling around a bit in some lap of luxury.

Though it is for sure on my mind that I need to pull professional threads through and start working some major magic. Ones personal life does, in many ways, effect ones professional one, and that can be a good thing. I am so fortunate that I will soon be back living along one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and I can let sand, sun and sea work its healing power. Oh, what a Lucky Man….



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