Scorpio 19° (November 12)


We landed yesterday. Can’t remember our driver to Soho Hotel. Unpacked, stayed awake to have lunch at Soho House with Missy TF which was just divine. That was several hours of the best fun we’ve had in ages—talked about everything under the Sun. Then we stayed awake again and decided to walk to Clerkenwell just to keep the air flowing through our now very long since awake selves. A second perfect reunion of the day with P+M Edie and Dot there too. The house looked amazing and we had a jolly simle supper and some wine and some laughing comfort. We Ubered back to the hotel.

Goodness. We had a client this morning at ten. Just some coffee after a bit of a food fest. Always good to see this particular client as she continues to make magic. We’re those magi, remember who help others do just that. I do love conducting sessions with folks in other cities, anyway. Always feels that much more glamorous. Had lunch with Flo and Jill. Or rather they arrived when I was on my last bite. I had a pork chop. I never have a pork chop. Then we took a bit of a stroll in Mayfair and back, semi looking for Smythsons, but not really.

Ended the night on a sour note. I was talking with some architect fellow in the restaurant not realizing the hotel didn’t give out more than one key (which now, as I write, this may be, in the remotest possibility, not true—or am I being a beast?); so S came down wearing pjs, a shawl and a scowl. Uh, oh. She was none too pleased but I didn’t know about the key thing. Anyway let’s just say we were both tired and cranky.

Wanted to gets some notes down on Gemini for sure today as I get my juices flowing, writing wise, for the show. Gemini. The disrupter. Intercept, at the crossroads. Mutable air. Static Electricity. The power of positive thinking—Norman Vincent Peale, Ralph Waldo Emerson (other women maybe?)



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