These hundred-year-old Sabian Symbols are surely preinternet, so it’s important to think from that head at Aquarius 18° with A Man’s Secret Motives Are Being Publicially Unmasked because we didn’t have the power of hacking, or checking the history on, this man’s computer. Still the diviners of these oracles knew that it would become increasingly difficult for modern wo/man to keep secret his privacy, past or profound motivations. From our modern perspective we know that the struggle between societal power and the rights of the individual typically see the former win out. Even before there was a CIA, government or other powerful agencies had the means of dredging up damaging details on just about anybody. The Rudh connects this to modern psychiatry being able to otherwise unearth what lies beneath an individual’s conscious through analysis. Well, that brings us to the fact that this oracle is ruled by Virgo, the analytical sign, in a twelve-fold sequence.

And we are back to the Dr. Faustus-like adept, that figure being a well-worn archetype of the Virgo man in my book (literally my book Sextrology). The adept can likewise penetrate the secrets of life through analysis and any number of techniques requiring “altering substances” a nod to Virgo’s mutable-earth status. Yes we might be talking drugs here, while certainly the response of the muscles and nerves. The adept must function in secret, you see. That is the meaning of the word occult: hidden. He needs the protection (of that watchdog in the previous image) and also some psychic protection via his so-called elementals. And yet what we are seeing here is an unmasking which is the only way any of us would know about any adept or alchemist roaming the earth. I hope to meet another one one of these fine days. It’s beeen awhile. Hello, can you hear me? I’m down for a coffee.

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