Taurus 13° (May 3)


I am totes sleeping weirdly. It’s not a deep fulfilling sleep. I need to wave a wee wand somehow. It was quite a morning actually. Delicious overnight oats with baked sliced apple and cinnamon. I stayed in the kitchen to make a black bean soup and we had b.l.a.t. salad for lunch. Got a ton done today by noon in between. Did a quick shop then back at it. Have all the fixins but for fish for Friday week. Love it. Preparing for our weekly meeting which got postponed from Monday. And updating our monthly minutes reveling in just how much has been accomplished thus far, even if just making the right inroads.

I’m actually a bit excited to get into the HA books tomorrow and work on the intros through the 20th when I focus mainly on turning out something sick to perform. I would like to draft something if possible by June 15 and then have a month to rehearse it before going off on holiday, again, I can’t believe it, to Alaska. And also Vancouver. The weird thing is—well not weird, this is the Cosmic Blague, after all—is S. might have a conference in Vancouver and we might fly some tiny plane to get there from some British Columbian isle. Timing is too good.

Confronting myself today in a big way, turning points times a thousand. The multiparodox of something big happening is that it usually coincides with other big things happening. As things heat up it’s that much more important to chill. And I need exercise so, even though it’s raining, the daily constitutionals must stand. Focus and simplify. That must be my motto moving forward, toirtose like, though I do make a great rabbit. Along with the wolf, I think, the rabbit has significance for the sign of Libra.

We had a fabulous meeting today in the loft. And I emerged with the overall theme of sheen, in a sense. Meaning a little bizzazz now seems necessary, a little revisionist fabulosity. By now many people have heard of Starsky + Cox and Sextrology and all that, but we haven’t been the best and making ourselves known, by choice. A private life after all is a good thing; I don’t want fortune or pain. I actually just want to double what I make now to be happy and I think it will be a challenge when I inevitably make more.

So if we were to double ebook sales and double our client base and double our private and charitable event intake, our speaking gigs. That’s it. Of course we have big projects from time to time on top of that, and collaborations, but really we don’t need them to have enough, the meaning of which keeps changing. I’ve said it before: I’ve been semi-retired since I started working at 14. Had ideas on the beach. Hitting home the counselor theme. And we have to start thinking of ourselves as broadcast gold. Which is our best clip?

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