Taurus 12° (May 2)

On the morning constitutional, post Full Moon, very low tide and the calmest ever maybe on the ocean side.

On the morning constitutional, post Full Moon, very low tide and the calmest ever maybe on the ocean side.


It was truly wonderful on the beach today. The forecast said 50s but it was really quite warm and for the second half of the hike I was down to a t-shirt. With the full moon, low tide was really low and the water was as calm as I’ve ever seen it at this usually raging surf beach. The thing about these walks is sometimes we solve every problem and talk, talk, talk. Either times, we walk in silence so soft and cushiony. It’s great either way.

I can’t believe we’re going to Alaska; it’s just nothing I would ever do, and surely the manner in which this will happen makes it that much more incredible. I pinch myself we have such good friends who treat us so well. Genuinely. But I do think of that line Max says in The Sound of Music, something like: “I like rich people; I like the way they live; I like the way I live when I’m with them.” It is a funny line really. And so true. Being around someone who is really rich can strangely enough be like being around someone who has an illness; you don’t much talk about it but it’s always there. Sometimes in caviar form. And sorry but: yum.

If I were loaded I know I’d be just like my good friends who are: generous to a fault. It’s quite a journey when Fortune strikes so strong and swiftly. I think of Juno as being Fortune; both S and our friend turns out have the same Juno paperweight from John Derian. Strange to type his name. He was one of my best friends once; or at least I thought he was. The sad thing is I suspect he wasn’t the entire time. I will turn seeds of our shared story into a story one of these days of this I”m sure. But first I have to get out of my own way. For all the writing, really. There truly is no excuse for my having written; though I have been writing here every day so what the fuck am I even talking about. I think what I mean to say is I have to use the same motor that drives me to write this into some bigger book projects very soon. Then again, maybe, that’s just where I am.


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