Taurus 11° (May 1)


Today came the realization of who should and should not be approached in our outreach with the design company. Bit by bit, piece by piece, it will be realized and it will be great; and we will get the dosh we need without jeopardizing any relationships that are truly priceless. Better to let the impersonal people who can support us pass into our orbit.

I’m super excited to be in NYC for MR’s wedding. I really do think it will be the event of the season. And it will be nice to see everyone all together. I am so keen to keep some kind of creative momentum going but I by rights and necessity must find increased flexibility. This really can be the best of summers if I let it be. I can feel healthy and be as fit as I might and I could put something rather beautiful up on its feet and be the last to say hello or goodbye this season. I truly feel that I owe it to myself. And I owe it to others to be closed-mouthed in the process. And that includes you, whoever you are.

Petty cash sticker on car sour cream send photos to desktop look up nature walks, hikes in Wellfleet. Re-teach myself backgammon



I am so well aware today of my big picture and so grateful for the base circumstances that allows me to make my own schedule and live, quite frugally, by my wits which is way more important to me than having bigger pay checks that would have entailed being beholden to others.

Beltane, today, is the pinnacle of spring. It is all about fertility and conception. Bel is the Gaelic god of light, the bright one. Beltane was a good excuse to fuck who you wanted to as nobody blamed any lady who bore a baby nine months later. The trees associated with Beltane are hawthorn, birch and rowan. Hawthorn is one of the three trees of the Celtic Tree it is is highly magical. One decorates the Maypole with i—it signals sexuality. Birch is a female symbol which makes sense as you can see a female line and curve in it. Eostre (from whom the word Easter derives), the goddess of spring, is celebrated with birch. Maypoles were made of birch, as were brooms which play a part in Beltane rituals. Rowan is a tree of protection. The flowers of the rowan form a pentagram of sorts and they are used to keep the awakening fairies from having too much sway with we mortals.

We had our ritual of delicious draught and went to sleep very early. I sweat like mad all night but it was the kind of purge that felt right and necessary. I was quite happy it happened as it did. We had much ado this day and yet there was a strong sense of keep it all rather within our own desired reins. It is very easy to be organized and also can be simple to be creative, but one must strive only for happiness not for wealth, which is as much power as knowledge is of even success or acclaim. In that sense Aphrodite represents happiness in the Judgment of Paris, whilst Hera promises that combined wealth and power and Athena success and acclaim. Choosing happiness perhaps wasn’t to the Greeks what it is for me.

We are admittedly not going to take any short cuts this much is for sure. When have we ever, really. But boy oh boy do I want to open some kind of apothecary. I want to be a kitchen witch. I want to have products and talismans and all sorts of delicious things for people to buy. I want to have a reinvented version of Arcane bookshops and home decorating. We could have out of print books for sale at a high price. A place that appeals to the sophisticated witch—this is what I want. And I have the feeling that we can put the pieces together and get it!


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