Pisces 7° (February 26)

Stayed in today. Collecting my thoughts. I watched this strange movie, a documentary of sorts, called Gods Among Us which was truly woo woo. Nevertheless it reawaked something in me about metaphysics and spiritual matters and ones ability for self healing and so forth. It reminded me of how I use to think, naturally, about the workings of the universe. Soon this Blague shall return to being what it was originally meant to be. I must be the one to make a solo foray into publishing. There is the poetic book and also the one to do with the symbols and also the year of living cosmically which I might work out in the coming Blagues starting with the astrological new year.

February 20

You radiate coral energy, illustrating warmth and cheer. Yet one senses not to get too close too fast, as entertaining doesn’t top your agenda. You’ve learned not to be overly influenced by others, while you let your causes be championed and your praises be sung.

February 21

As a gray green sea, you are both inviting and foreboding. People don’t always know whether they’re coming or going with you. There is more feeling lashing inside you than can ever be expressed. Yet you say more in a word than others can utter in full volumes.

February 22

Stormy Neptune’s energy pools around you, a darkest agate blue. You feel things almost too intensely, staying active to not get lost in your own impressions. A furtive fantasist, you employ innuendo, keeping others guessing. Who knows, maybe you really are a spy.

February 23

A foamy cappuccino, you create a stir of anticipation, serving to inspire greatness. In your eyes one finds confidence to fulfill a destiny, as you do, grounded in keen intuition. Gut feelings are tantamount to glimpses of the future, which is ever in your power to alter.

February 24

Like the Red Sea, you part with the past, traveling light in life, open to new experiences. You’re ultra accepting of others, despite differences, inviting healthy debate. A sensualist, you will sample earthly delights without indulgence. Your spirit is candid and communal.

February 25

Azure blue speaks to your clear and open channel to cosmic forces. You’re a transmitter of loving, compassionate energy, consciously transcending the restraints of the ego. Not to be hemmed in, you need heaps of space in relationships. No one makes a better best friend.

February 26

In a cloud of gold dust, you go forth with the instinctual ease of a plains drifter, taking life as it comes. You court serendipity, sign posts that say you’re on the right path, paved, as it is, with good intentions. Struggle makes you stronger. You don’t subscribe to strife. 

February 27

A slate-blue air is characteristic of an ability to overcome obstacles and start each day fresh. You feel things nearly too deeply, cultivating detachment from sweeping humanitarian concerns. Still, you do love luxury and know the sweetness of doing nothing.

February 28

You shimmer, iridescent green, not what you seem on the surface. Possessing hidden emotional complexity, you structure your life, disciplining yourself, possibly, as a result. You dream in Technicolor, able to translate visions of your inner life out into the world.  

February 29 

Poppy red might seem out-of-character a color for a Pisces, but not when you consider the euphoric effects of that plant. You are the high priest/ess of knowing dreams from delusions, alone time from isolation, at-one-ness from oblivion. And so, love is your drug.

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