Pisces 6° (February 25)

Cy wants to have dinner and you know me during this whole eight-month phase: all I want to do is hide and not see anyone. I am depressed and feel gross. And I actually did not sleep AT ALL last night. We all say that but I really fucking mean it. Not a wink. I tried to nap and maybe I dozed off but I said yes to success which is Cy incarnate and he picked me up in a loaner car. We went to Mac’s and shared sushi. He always under orders and me the opposite. He does seem a bit awkward sometimes but he is also strangely soave. I did a search on him for the first time ever and he really is a leader in his field I had no idea. The nights start late but they do end early and he is moderate in drink which is good. He is a Leo so I suspect a creature of habit. Anyway, to work: February 11

A most grounded Aquarian, your color is sinopia, an earthy fresco red. You survey the landscapes of situations before entering in, uncovering all there is to know about a subject. You evolve and innovate as a rule, drawing on what came before to illumine new visions.

February 12

So strong is the red-violet vibe of this day the air about you is nearly scented. You have a complex interior despite outwardly embracing simplicity. Keeping your sidewalk clean, metaphorically, you will not create bad karma. You can document the effects of doing so.

February 13

Your birthday color is snowdrop, named for those first flowers that bloom in February. A harbinger of good cheer, you don’t give in to darkness, pinpointing sources of hope and renewal. You know where you’re going career-wise, but you’re in no rush to get there.

February 14

You give off a crimson glow. Fitting for a strong, bright and deep soul like yourself. You are a messenger to people, spreading good news and cheer. Lit from within, you remind us that life-force can brim from those, like you, who only see the good in life and others.

February 15

Iris, the messenger of the rainbow, is a descending goddess who elevates mortals. The  flower comes in a spectrum. You are attracted to earthy sorts, unavoidably raising their consciousness. You have many colors, a chameleon, who, even so, never throws shade.

February 16

A Day-Glo blue birthday vibration befits your high-energy design-for-living and your ability to always find something to positively rave about. Friends must be hardworking and culturally engaged. You never stop moving, but don’t play fast and loose in love.

February 17

An unnuanced cadmium red speaks to your straight-shooting attitude and blatant—we didn’t say brutal—honesty, particularly in the heat of the moment. You don’t avoid the obvious in life, work or art, often inspiring the jealous words: Why didn’t I think of that?

February 18

Lavender is a de-stressing flower and color, so no surprise it’s associated with your day. You keep your vibe chill by never biting off more than you can chew and making no entangling alliances with others. You’re the poster child for healthy Aquarian detachment. 

February 19

You’re a bit of a throwback, a lover of history and gilded ages. Fittingly, old gold is your color vibe. You see beauty in faded glory, reflected in your aesthetic, favorite haunts or social circle. Cultured characters with catalogues of experience make the best soulmates.

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