Aquarius 16° (February 5)

Feeling junk foody. Will end up eating an entire plate of nachos myself from Fanizzi.

August 11

Your color vibration is jonquil, deriving from the narcissus flower which is in no way a reflection on your vanity. It speaks rather to the fact you take good long looks at yourself, tough loving away bad habits and behaviors. Thus, you face life with a clear conscience.

August 12

It should come as no surprise that lust is your ruddy auric hue. You feel that so-called vice on every level, channeling desire most virtuously into progressive, humanitarian pursuits, artistic aspirations and, yes, the ultimate capture of a mate who steals your heart.

August 13 

Lion is a real color. And you are as authentic as they come. It explains your true-grit aesthetic and roaming nature. Never aimless, you are completely clear on purpose, no second guessing passions. You know you find love along the path, so that, too, will be destined.

August 14

It’s no secret Leo’s love to gamble, so your vegas gold aura doesn’t let the cat out of the bag. Rarely half in one, you are a sober and serious player of the game of life and as intent as that cat with a mouse when you’re stalking a win, making deals or love.

August 15 

You’re a Leo with a taste for the exotic, especially places that have a rich, tribal past.  Quite red cinnabar is your eminence, throbbing with curiosity and a tad of thrill seeking. Though not flashy, you find subversive ways of exercising power and exorcising sorrow.

August 16

With a birthday aura of tractor red, it’s no surprise you plow through experience. Being bold, unseen forces seek to assist you. You’re expert, too, at weeding out those who are all take and no give. The living embodiment of ye olde adage, as you reap so you shall sow.

August 17

Where there’s a white smoke, there’s fiery you. Or so they say, as few of us ever glimpse you in hot-mess mode. You hide your machinations well. We only see finished product, perfection, no matter the milieu. Process is for your eyes only. Success you share with all.  

August 18

Your color is purple veronica, which means “true icon.” And indeed, there is no glitch between who you really are and the image you present to the world. Just as there’s no separation between you and the All. A true agent of divine order, you set things straight. 

August 19

Who but you could claim tiger’s eye for their day’s color. You are fiercely protective of your time, ideas and those you hold dear. The very emblem of loyalty, you’re not to be crossed. You burn bright at night, reveling in intelligent banter with other sexy brainiacs.

August 20

Amaranth is a rosey red named three centuries ago for the flower of the protein-packed plant. It speaks to your own life-giving energy, whether as a living fertility god/dess or a prolific producer of artistic brainchildren. You personify the fiery Leo power of creation.

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