Aquarius 17° (February 6)

Cuke, Tomato, Feta for lunch. A long chat with Tom. Vongole for dinner.

August 21

Your day radiates purple amethyst, named for the stone used by healers to focus energy. Nobody is more laser concentrated than you, who consistently exceeds expectations. And that healing power can manifest literally, as a mindful laying on of manicured hands.

August 22

Sunglow, the color of California poppies, best describes your birthday color. You’re a diffused creature, gentle and modest, still winning the spotlight, despite any demurring. You welcome attention, only to further burning causes. Others bask in your kindness.


August 23

The sheer utility of steel gray mirrors the precision with which you operate. Nobody knows thyself more than you. And you waste no time executing your agenda, mostly, in service to others. Empathy makes you tick. Humility cannot belie your divine giftedness.

August 24

Visceral pink is your color, connoting an ability to get to the core of matters. You take time with people and situations, until sure of their intentions and your emotional safety. You are the original material girl/boy. You know your worth and it’s far above rubies.

August 25  

The gray of clay implies potential and your ability to sculpt life to your liking and mold yourself to circumstance. Making yourself indispensible is how you win power. You are sensual in the extreme, no stranger to life’s candy. Your aim is to be yourself, completely.

August 26

Slate blue is your vibration color, one of sheer utility. You pride yourself on contributing on a grand scale, as you sort out functionality in your private life. And you do it all with the patience of a saint. But stop the canonization process! You’re too racy to ace that test.

August 27

Like quicksilver you’re slippery. You have the wisdom to know: self-reliance is a muscle we exercise exactly because we are inherently interdependent. A pretty paradox, you prove that spiritual enlightenment and sexual exploration aren’t mutually exclusive.

August 28

You glisten like sable, luxuriating in a liberated life. Travel and adventure beckon—you try on philosophies and fantasies like you do fabulous footwear. You can go far afield, safe in the knowledge you come from a solid background. You’re a vulture for culture.

August 29

You exude the blues. But you’re only down with exaltation. Art and music are typical ways for you to touch the sublime. But even in business or with family, you keep the bar high, inspiring others to be their best selves. Yours is a sultry, soulful lens on the world.

August 30

You give off a bittersweet sheen, the color of the flower of truth and trust. You must invest time in your talents, relying on inner fortitude to see your goals through. People lean on you, too much, only, if you let them. You have a poignant message to deliver.

August 31

Paris is a Virgo and its greystone continuity is akin to yours. Strength and beauty mix in you, and you carry yourself with integrity and conviction. You are exacting in your thoughts, economic in your actions. Prioritizing your day makes you chill come sundown.

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