Aquarius 18° (February 7)

A dozen clams and a rainbow roll on the super early side. Will make lamb stew late night for tomorrow. They only get us stuff today and we have to immediately dig in and work on all of it once again. 

September 1

You’re luscious and rare with your brown liquorice aura, suggesting great depth but not without a dash of whimsy. You employ technical proficiency in service of creating joy. Your pet peeve is sarcasm, a believer in saying nothing at all rather than spewing poison.

September 2

Like Aztec gold, you glow, exuding an exoticism all your life. Feeling like you don’t fit in, as a kid, becomes your greatest asset. In competitive careers, you’re ever singled out. Your ebullient laughter brings joy. Whatever you do, you may call yourself a producer.

September 3

As in a storm of pink sand, you whip into situations, demanding focus, as soft as a powder puff. Working in a team, you’re the secret weapon who can wrap others round a pinkie. In love, you want a partner who can beat you at your own game, half of the time.

September 4  

Against the chalkboard green of your auric backdrop you glow like chalk exquisitely drawn unto life to learn all you can and to use it as a playground, with proper decorum. 

You pledge allegiance to your loved ones, with personal liberty and poetic justice for all.

September 5

Here in functional Virgo lies fantastical you, a glittering purple people eater, digesting others’ ideas, arts and inventions, down through the ages, while munching on current experience. Knowledge powers your own creativity, which is both epic and essential. 

September 6

Your color vibe is an open sesame. You do have a way with words, always saying the right thing and the honest thing at the same time. You’re queen of constructive criticism without rancor, revealing how Virgo’s infamous critiques make the world a better place.

September 7

Your ruddy energy is as strong as an oxblood. A most vigorous Virgo, you embody the ideal that health is wealth, treating your body as a sacred vessel. Like a vestal virgin, you see sexuality and spirituality as synonymous, never taking your personal religion lightly.

September 8

Don’t bemoan a battleship grey color vibe, because it means you’re never sunk. Yours is a buoyant personality still armed to the teeth to win the day. You’re encircled by a crew of true devotees, and whether life’s full steam ahead or a bit choppy, it’s all hands on deck.

September 9

Mulberry carries a connotation of temptation, a notion with which you’re not unfamiliar. Your personal saga is as juicy as your physicality, over which you have total command. A wink, a flip of hair, a swift kick you know where, and others seem to fall at your feet.

September 10  

A pastel brown aura is a testament to the fact that softness is your strength. You blend in social situations, silent and demure, like a cameo, inviting interest. How can someone so unassuming steal focus time and again? With a whisper, an informed mind and much to say.

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