Aquarius 19° (February 8)

Sirloin from Fanizzi’s then I’ stroll down to Sal’s.  I will see the SA again today and have to spend the day fine-tooth combing. Such a slow process.

September 11  

The air seems to shift and warms around you, a shimmering pastel red. Inside, you lead a still life, no matter how wild and wacky circumstances become. Work is a labor of love, but you live at your leisure, easily weaving work in, elevating the daily grind to high art. 

September 12

You’ve got arrested development in all the right ways, says your cotton candy color vibe. You never lost a sense of play. You believe in make believe. And that people are good. You’re learning not to love unconditionally, which only parents for children should do.

September 13

Your color vibration comes in waves of wheat color, illustrating Virgo’s connection to Mother Earth whose virgin aspect, holding a sheaf of grain, is your sign emblem. Human effect on the planet is a theme of your existence, which you embrace every which way.

September 14

Color-wise, you’re a stizza, sister. This earthenware hue expresses a formidable spirit, forged in the fire of experience. No peddler of half-baked ideas, you come up with goods when good and ready. You give the people what they want, knowing what they burn for.

September 15

It may come as a shock that your aura vibration is shocking pink. Then again, you know how you set a sedate stage only to periodically shake things up. The element of surprise is key to your innumerable successes. The zodiac’s own bombshell, you drop it like it’s hot.

September 16

A bright tangelo, your birthday color suggests you’re a sweetie who can tart it up. Not one to be labeled the friend or a little sister, like so many Virgos, you insure you’re seen as a sexual being. You bid would-be admirers welcome without ever being a doormat.

September 17

Zaffre is best described as the blue of a flame, a nod to your ability to appear cool in the heat of any moment. Virgo is associated with the Earth’s core, its furnace and life source. Like the planet, you hide the fact you burn deep inside, but it’s how you cook up success.

September 18

You’re wrapped in a deep forest green, keeping your cool even when the heat is on. You exude good manners, prizing and practicing formalities with pleasure. The social fabric is important to you, and you keep it together with careful give and take and clever tit for tat.

September 19

Taupe, a warm gray, is your color vibe. And just as folks argue over what this color looks like, you are likewise difficult to pin down, making varying impressions on others. Ah, but keeping people guessing is the secret to your landing opportunities for love or money.  

September 20

French rose is a flawless color, and you’re the perfectionista of the zodiac. You know that supreme functionality gives way to great design, so there is no room in your experience for dysfunctional behavior or co-dependent people. You are your own greatest achievement.

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