Libra 14° (October 6)

Day Fifty-Four E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Data configuration with statistical factoring. That’s what Chandler does. The reunion revealed that we never know his job, but that is a lie. I will take myself out for Mexican night tonight. And I will make an awkward statement about holding a baby and how it made my loins surge as if the smell of a baby’s head, when I was in my twenties, had a biological reaction. It went over like a lead balloon. I need to figure out some form of income. I had a major kerfuffle with the sigother over one of our ventures. It is ridiculous. I have tried so hard all summer to gain clarity and get no answers. The sabotage is real. I do all in my power to be forthcoming and transparent and all I get is silence. The book deal went to crap. I fear for the TV project and now the other shared ventures are bordering on toxicity. I also have to get out of fetal position and start finding some place to live as of November 1 that isn’t my car. I haven’t felt like my true self for eons now. I didn’t while things were still intact during the pandemic and now WTF? I have dedicated my whole adult life to the duo that was our brand. I never stopped to think of myself as a sol entity. The only time I did something solo (barely) was when I had to speed write a solo show to replace an entitled fuck face snotnose motherfucker of a performer. No, honestly, I really like him. I am not enough of a narcissist to be a performer. And yet I think this is when it might actually happen. She sends me this note about how simple everything is and how I shouldn’t break my back. Oh, okay. So you are going to haul all this shit away? You’re going to make thirty runs to the dump? I don’t think so. I have some leads on a place but mainly they are fairy favors and not real. It is a very odd world in which we live. I just think that putting everything in storage is the only way to go. I have wanted to be footloose and fancy free, just not as an alone person. I wanted to be a twosome doing it. I’m doing my best to not panic. I am going to completely nail this move. I am going to end up in my car with multiple suitcases and if I have to go far north to find a deal I will do so. 

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