Libra 15° (October 7)

Day Fifty-Five E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Today is today. I slept the least I’ve slept in the longest time. I’m still binge-watching friends as a drug. I will continue the search for someplace to live. I will talk to Bonbon Sip. I will talk to my Yingling. There are really weird scenarios being presented. Some people sound like out and out frauds. PP will beam in and I will say I can’t meet and he’ll say “ok, good luck.” That’s great. I spent the day making chicken soup and otherwise trying to salvage the gard manger that I let go bad. I did an okay job but the avocados were completely gonzo. I am seeing one place tomorrow that I actually really want. It would be really quite amazing to be in the center of town in an inexpensive place for six months. I will get the next chapter of the book complete as best I can. I really am doing the best I can in the circumstances. I have tried to straighten out certain business problems just I tackle any and all aspects of this move. I need to get the piano out of my face that is for sure and I will try and make that a priority tomorrow along with looking at the various properties that require viewing. I told myself I would get caught up here and I will have spent all night, overnight, until nearly 5AM catching up to myself. I do not believe in letting things fall by the wayside. I have to move this all along. I hope like hell that the orange menace is going down. I want so much to get back into politics after this long hiatus. I have tackled a lot of what what is necessary to tackle today but I am aware of how much further I need to go. Also I’m fine with not going back in time to fill in gaps and yet the idea of writing poetry in the early hours and writing in my journal at the end of the night. The poetry is the same as the writing of the book. If I am writing from five-to-seven in the morning than starting my day and making breakfast and then spending six hours packing, I will get this job done. It does seem that some of the people showing me shit are a bit sleazy. I have one thing happening through an actual realtor and that is the person with whom I lan to go. I am making it work and I have the means to do it at present. I just need to move on. The 30th and 31st will be all about sorting out the books. And if I can confirm that S and her peeps and me with mine (D+A) can figure it all out together in the final days, and I can always crash with friends. I need to start polishing my connections and really rally the troops who love me behind me. I can use the evenings for this sort of social resolve that will be so very necessary. People are cancelled only if they let themselves be cancelled. There is a way to keep my head in the game and get this world working in such a way that works for all the folks in my own orbit. I have to start thinking about all the things I can do in the name of love (of the self kind). I am and must be officially at that place. I have cried my eyes out every night for months now and I will continue to do so. But at the same time I have to start doing the opposite. Am I supposed to be watching the Squid Game?

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